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Men's Pork Pie Hats

The Pork Pie Hat is truly a retro headwear classic that combines Mod/Ska fashion and music influences. Similar to the Trilby, the Pork Pie Hat has a flat, indented crown and narrow (or ‘stingy’) upturned brim that resemble a pork pie. Whether you wear your Pork Pie Hat with a smart outfit or jeans and a Mod Harrington, you'll be making a style statement. 

The History Of Pork Pie Hats

The Pork Pie Hat first became fashionable in the 1930s and 40s and was famously worn by Buster Keaton. As Jazz music reached its heyday the Pork Pie Hat also became an essential accessory to the ‘zoot suits’ and winklepickers worn by urban African Americans. By the 1960s Pork Pie hats became popular within the new Jamaican youth culture, backed by the rhythmic soundtrack of Ska music. The rebellious Rude Boys had a sharp street style, featuring slim fit suits, thin ties and Pork Pie Hats, often with a feather trim. As West Indians emigrated to Britain the Ska fashions and music were adopted by the Mod movement, with the Pork Pie and Trilby worn by UK acts Madness, The Specials and other bands of Two-Tone genre. The 70s saw the Pork Pie Hat being worn by the character Popeye Doyle (Gene Hackman) in The French Connection.

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