AERTEX was founded in 1888 in Manchester, United Kingdom, taking its name from the fabric which made it famous - a lightweight and loosely woven cotton which is both warm on cold days and cool on hot days, making it perfect for sportswear. 

AERTEX makes an excellent RETRO and MOD inspired range of MENS CLOTHING, which include Mens Polos, Jackets, T-Shirts and Knitwear, featuring both the classic AERTEX aerated fabric and other fabrics. 



In the late 19th century Lewis Haslam, a Lancashire mill owner and politician, began to link the partnering of holes and warmth and with two medical colleagues, began experimenting with aeration; trapping air within the warp and weft of fabric. The result was a fabric that provided a barrier between the warmth of the skin and the chill of the atmosphere and in 1888 they formed The Cellular Clothing Company, later becoming AERTEX.

By 1891 AERTEX was firmly established as a fashionable clothing brand in Britain. The British Land Army wore AERTEX as part of their uniform in World War II and the British 7th Armoured Division, one of the most famous regiments of the British Army, wore AERTEX bush shirts and jackets.

By the Sixties AERTEX had became a sportswear classic in the UK and made clothing across a wide spectrum of sports including tennis, cricket, netball and football. In 1970 the England Football Team wore AERTEX Jerseys for the World Cup in Mexico. Later, Pele also wore an Aertex shirt when he played briefly for the New York Cosmos.  



AERTEX, still based in Manchester after all these years, continues to make fantastic Shirts, Polos and Jackets. A Mod Clothing favourite since the Sixties, AERTEX essential pieces include the AERTEX Polo (Available in a range of Jersey fabrics as well as classic AERTEX fabrics) and the AERTEX shirt, available in checks with a undeniable Retro Mod edge. Don't miss the unusual double faced AERTEX Shirts which feature different inner and outer checks. 

For Summer 2010, AERTEX relaunched AERTEX Retro Football Shirts, emulating the original Retro Seventies design. A Retro must have!

Retro AERTEX Clothing has been spotted being worn by Dirty Pretty Things frontman and Ex-Libertine, Carl Barat and by Indie bands, The Couteeners and Vaults in recent times. 

You can read more about AERTEX on our Brands page here: Atom Retro Brands and Biographies.


Aertex Mens Clothing

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