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Gentlemen, if you want to make a statement choose a paisley print shirt! The flamboyant nature of the paisley shirt has made it hugely popular with rock 'n' roll musicians from David Bowie to Prince. At Atom Retro we stock a spectacular choice of men's paisley shirts as well as patterned and floral shirts from brands including Pretty Green, Guide London and Madcap England. From formalwear to a retro casual look, the paisley print shirt is a versatile piece that will never sit at the back of your wardrobe. We particularly recommend Pretty Green men's paisley shirts in a range of seasonal designs that are always best sellers. 

What Is Paisley?

The paisley design is based on Persian fabrics that were imported from India in the 18th Century. The exotic and colourful designs travelled West along the Silk Route to Europe where they became instantly popular. The droplet design, known as a 'boteh' or 'buta' is based on flowers and foliage and is thought to be a symbol of fertility. 

In England the intricate paisley pattern is named after the town of Paisley in Scotland. The thriving textile industry in Paisley produced a myriad of multicoloured of paisley fabric designs from 1800 onwards. The pattern was originally woven in silk but later was also printed onto lighter fabrics that could be made into garments such as shirts and scarfs.

In the psychedelic era of the late 1960s, paisley printed clothing and shirts surged in popularity. The Beatles, who were inspired by Eastern culture, were largely responsible for reviving the paisley clothing trend. By 1967, the 'Summer Of Love', the paisley print had become synomyous with flower power and the hippy era. These days paisley print shirts remain as popular as ever. In 2009, Liam Gallagher founded his own menswear brand, Pretty Green, the centrepiece being the Pretty Green signature paisley shirt. 

How To Wear a Paisley Shirt:

When it comes to styling your paisley shirt, be daring! Make your paisley shirt the focal point of your outfit. For a rock 'n' roll look, choose a colourful paisley print shirt, teamed with a blazer, skinny jeans and super-cool Chelsea boots. For a 70s inspired look, go for a floral print shirt with denim flares and retro trainers. For a clean-cut Mod look choose a paisley print shirt with button-down collar; complete the look with a harrington jacket, hopsack trousers and winklepickers. Formalwear can also be brought to life with paisley, team a retro suit 2 or 3 piece suit with a bold paisley shirt and complementary coloured tie for a look that will set you apart from the grey men in suits. 

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