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Irregular Choice Shoes

Irregular Choice


Irregular Choice shoes are among one of the most iconic Womens footwear brands to come out of the UK in recent years - and it's easy to see why. Unique, original and creative womens shoes, heels, boots and bags, Irregular Choice is like no other. Taking inspiration from Vintage and Retro styles, Irregular Choice always adds a new twist to a classic style, creating imaginative and stand out styles and designs. Irregular Choice utilise multiple fabrics, prints and characters to create a Women Shoes and Boots which are as unique as you are!  

Irregular Chouse was created by desigher, Dan Sullivan in 1999, with a view to stand out from the crowd. The Womens footwear market was becoming very dull and boring, everything was neutral or black, yet there was a demand for something different and individual. Born in London, England and growing up on the Kings Road in the 70s during the Punk era, Dan Sullivan was influenced by working directly with Everlast and Katharine Hamnett before he had even graduated from school. He had left home by the age of 15 and opened his first shoe shop in Covent Garden at the age of 18. 

From embellished heels, ornate wood carvings, tiny intricate charms and lavish fabrics to the memorable colour combinations, everybody has an Irregular Choice favourite shoe or story. Dan’s library of fabrics, leathers, prints, trims, toys, glass, furs and colours are simply never ending. Each year Irregular Choice create over 600 different styles, and no two are ever exactly the same. 

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