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Wrangler jeans, one of the most famous names in denim, are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year. 

Founded in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA in 1947, Wrangler Jeans are as true to their heritage and authenticty today as they ever were; a performance denim brand, designed to fit the needs of every day.  

The origin of Wrangler Jeans comes from the need for the best denim clothing for cowboys in the USA. This included creating jeans, jackets and shirts to suit the needs of working cowboys - to address performance, hard wearing and comfort. They added special features to add functionality to create the best denim jeans for a more comfortable cowboy ride.

In the early sixties Wrangler launched across Europe and was soon a firm favourite for the authentic American denim's unique cut and sillouehette. By the 1970's Wrangler jeans became an icon of youth culture and were very popular with teenagers world wide. By 1996 one in five pairs of jeans sold in the USA was Wrangler.

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Wrangler Womens

Wrangler Retro Baby Sherpa Corduroy Jacket Dahlia

£109.99 £76.99
Wrangler Womens

Wrangler Shrunken Band Retro Graphic T-shirt FB

£24.99 £17.49
Wrangler Womens

Wrangler Retro '70s Flare Cord Jeans Pony Brown

£89.99 £62.99
Wrangler Womens

Slim Western Wrangler Retro Plaid Cotton Shirt D

£54.99 £38.49
Wrangler Womens

Slim Western Wrangler Button Through Denim Dress

£84.99 £59.49
Wrangler Womens

Wrangler Retro '70s Flare Denim Jeans Dark Turn

£74.99 £52.49
Wrangler Womens

Wrangler Retro '70s Flare Denim Jeans Hazel

£84.99 £55.00
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