Irregular Choice Limited Editions

Irregular Choice Limited Edition Shoes, Boots & Bags for 2021

Irregular Choice Limited Editions - Highly collectable and much sought after shoes, boots, bags and accessories available for only a short amount of time. 


Here's the collection we've been waiting for! Irregular Choice Halloween Limited Editions are now available! Take a trip into Irregular Choice's House of Horrors this year with Ghostly Waltz boots, Moonlit Manor Shoes and matching bag - Haunted Hallway - and coin purse - Spooky Spectre. All these styles feature a ghoulish portrait which changes with every movement - truly terrifying! On The Web makes a welcome return this year and is joined by Bat To The Bone flats and Snakey Gaze making up our scary beasts mini-range! No collection would be complete without a character heel - Pumpkin Patch has a truly scare-tastic Jack O'Lantern heel! And last but not least, do you ever get that feeling ... you know... like... Somebody's Watching Me!


My, what big eyes you have! Opening the Autumn collection, 2 fabulous new limited editions by Irregular Choice. Red Riding Hood (and wolf!) themed Visiting Grandma shoes and Little Red boots. Very limited numbers in these fab new styles so don't miss them!


Completely Barking limited edition shoes from Irregular Choice! The newest addition to the Irregular Choice character heel range are these cute little puppy dog heels. Available in 3 court shoe styles; Bougainvillea in embroidered and glitter uppers, Top Dog garden and doghouse themed shoes and It's All Pawsible in Grey/Black and Red/Yellow plaid uppers. Don't miss these puppies!


Get ready for joy, happiness and cute, cute shoes, boots, bags and accessories! This collection features a fun range of Hello Kitty and Friends characters across a range of heels, flats and accessories – something for everyone! As usual, these are all limited edition and demand is expected to be high! Don't miss Playing Dress up Boots and of course, The Star of The Show!

Previous Collections: 

Previous Irregular Choice limited edition collections are still available in limited sizes and styles. Don't miss these - once they're gone, they're gone forever! 

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Irregular Choice Forest Frolics Boots in Blue

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