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Famously sported by Danny Dyer in the film, The Business, the 80s Casuals look is young, clean and sporty. At Atom Retro you can shop the 80s Casuals look with branded track tops, logo t-shirts, bucket hats and sporty polo shirts. We stock all those mens sportswear brands that are synonymous with 80s Casuals fashion such as Fila, Ellesse and Sergio Tacchini, as well as some awesome contemporary brands that channel the 1980s vibe.

What Is 80s Casuals Culture?

80s Casuals sub-culture emerged from the 1980s British football and music scenes, centred around working-class Manchester and Liverpool. 80s football supporters adopted the fashion and sportswear brands they discovered at away matches in Europe, especially Italy. These ‘Casuals’ as they became known, prided themselves on dressing in smarter clobber than the average football fan, wearing tracksuits, Lois jeans, cagoules and pristine trainers.

The 80s was also the era of the tennis superstar. Tennis legends such as John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg wore polo shirts and shorts from their sponsors, Italian brands Sergio Tacchini and Fila. These and other Italian sportswear brands were firmly associated with 80s Casuals fashion. The prominent and recognisable logos were worn as badges of pride.

The Casuals scene was also inextricably linked with the ‘Cool Britannia’ movement. Britpop and house music fans adopted the track jackets, trainers and Fred Perry polo shirts worn by Liam Gallagher, Damon Albarn and the Happy Mondays. In the late 80s the Madchester movement enabled this unashamedly laddish menswear trend to move from the football terraces to the pubs, clubs and raves.

Director Nick Love played a huge part in reviving the trend for 80s casuals fashion with his 2005 film The Business, starring Danny Dyer sporting Sergio Tacchini. This was followed in 2009 by The Firm, a remake of the 1989 film about football hooliganism, which also led to a surge in popularity of Tacchini track tops as well as other 80s Casuals brands such as Ellesse and Fila.

These days the 80s casuals trend is universally popular. The revival of the 80s casuals trend has seen the fashion transition from the terraces into streetwear. Contemporary brands such as Weekend Offender and Luke 1977 have put a modern twist on the retro Casuals style without losing sight of the football terrace roots. See below for our 80s Casuals Collection – our recommendations for the latest retro sportswear garments. At Atom Retro you can shop for authentic 80s casuals clothing with worldwide shipping.

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