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From the city streets to the back of a Lambretta, a Parka Coat will keep you warm and stylish. The Men’s Parka is a practical, well-made coat that has made the transition from Mod clothing to contemporary streetwear. Buy a parka safe in the knowledge that you've bought a retro classic that will stand the test of time.

What Is A Parka?

Men’s parkas originated in the 1950s; after WWII there was a need for cold weather military outerwear, and development of the parka jacket began. Parkas were first used by US soldiers during the Korean War. Men's Parkas are traditionally khaki green with a drawstring waist, large pockets and a fur-trimmed hood. Original designs include the N3B ‘Snorkel Parka’, so called because zipping the front and hood fully up leaves only a small tunnel - or snorkel. The iconic M-65 is a Fishtail Parka, the fishtail being the shaped back of the coat which adds protection and warmth. The fishtail can be folded up and fastened inside the coat to aid movement – a feature which later made M-65 Parkas popular among the UK’s scooter-riding Mods of the 60s. The 70s Mod revival and 1979 film Quadrophenia led to a resurgence in the popularity of the parka coat. The Fishtail Parka is now inextricably linked with all facets of Mod culture.

Contemporary Men’s Parkas

Alpha Industries was one of the first manufacturers of authentic men's parka coats, originally for the military, then later for the man in the street. Alpha Industries now makes a wide range of men's parkas that are available at Atom Retro. These men’s parkas are faithful to the original N-3B snorkel parkas and fishtail parkas, but contemporary and seasonal versions of the parka coat are also created every year. At Atom Retro you’ll find a large range of men's parkas, from Fishtail parkas and N-3B snorkel parkas through to summer weight parkas, anoraks and cagoules. Choose from top brands including Pretty Green, Ben Sherman, Merc, Baracuta and Levi’s. We stock the original khaki green parkas as well as navy and black parkas. For the winter months choose a longer length or fur lined parka coat. If you prefer a lightweight parka go for a shorter waterproof design that will see you through festival season.

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