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 Italian sportswear firm Diadora was founded in 1948 by Marcello Danieli and began life as a manufacturer of mountain boots before finding its footballing feet and becoming the stylish sportswear brand we know today. A partnership with tennis star  Bjorn Borg during the mid 70s gave the brand added recognition and Diadora rose further to prominence in the 1980s when AC Milan striker Marco van Basten became the face of the company, even launching his own Diadora trainers, the San Siro Van Basten. This cemented their high status amongst 80s Casuals and fans of Terrace style.

The word Diadora itself comes from the name given by the Greeks of Byzantium to the Dalmation town of Zadar. The intention was in fact to name the firm "de ladera" or "from Zadar", but confusion led to it being mistakenly copied and translated from Dalmation into Latin, and the ensuing Diadora name had enough of a ring to it that it survives to this day.

By the early 2000s Diadora had become a major football kit supplier, including to AS Roma between 2003 and 2007, further cementing its status amongst football fans and those of the Casuals aesthetic. The ties between football and Diadora continue to this day with the brand supplying team uniforms to numerous Scandinavian clubs whilst also commercialising football balls in the US market.

Atom Retro is home to a selection of choice cuts from the Diadora collection including the Game L Low Trainer, the B Elite H Italia Sport Trainers, as well as a selection of sports t-shirts and track jackets. All combine 'old skool' design features with contemporary comfort and are perfect for fans of retro sportswear and the 80s Casuals aesthetic.


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