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Lambretta Clothing create the very best in men's Mod Clothing with iconic Mod Parkas, Mod Polo Shirts, Mod Shirts and T-Shirts. Along with it's namesake and fellow Mod icon, the Lambretta scooter, Lambretta Clothing celebrates in style the Mod Culture that helped shape it's history. Retro Clothing to the fore as Lambretta put their unique take on some of classic garments, after all creating Retro Classics since 1947 is no mean feat. There's no shortage of Indie Track Tops too, proving that Lambretta Clothing comfortably bridges the gap between classic Mod and modern Indie fashion. Original, yet iconic, Lambretta Clothing always create garments with a unique, stylish and modern edge.


The Lambretta name is derived form the River Lambro in Italy, which ran close to the Lambretta factory. Manufacture of the classic Lambretta Scooter began in 1947. Made by Innnocenti and to a very recognisable design, Lambretta would really come into it's own in the UK in the 1960's. Along with Vespa Scooters, Lambretta Scooters became the fashionable mode of transport for Mods. Lambretta is now widely recognised as an icon of the Mod era and with many Mods today continuing the tradition, the Lambretta Scooter legacy lives on. The clothing range sits alongside it's famous namesake. With logos, branding and a creative ethos synonymous with Lambretta, the Lambretta Clothing offering combines the best in traditional Mod Clothing with a new Retro edge. Lambretta Clothing sits comfortably in the Indie fashion arena, and continued originality and style will ensure the affinity to Mod and Indie culture lives forever. Lambretta Clothing is available to buy from Atom Retro and with new lines added all the time, Atom Retro is the place to buy Lambretta Mens Clothing.

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