Cycling Tops

The burgeoning popularity of bicycles in 1800s saw a growing demand for demand for specialist wear to accomodate the growing number of people who began to engage in cycling as a sport. This would see the birth of the cycling jersey. Initinally knitted in wool due its moisture wicking capacity in summer and warming nature in winter. However rain is no great freind of woolen garments so alternatives were sought initially silk and then increasingly post war synthetics became the fabrics of choice for racers. The knitted cycling jersey may have been consigned to history, but like the tennis shirt and the boating blazer, this classic style was picked up and popularised by 60s Mods.

In either short sleeve or long sleeve fashion the defining feature of a cycling jersey is the mock turtleneck collar. Although race jerseys often now opt for zip through fastening, the Mod style knitted cycling top tends to favour a quarter-zip fastening. A perfect alternative to a polo shirt, the style has continued to be embraced time and again by new generations of Mod revivalists. The connection between cycling style and the mod aesthetic was renewed in 2012 when Fred Perry paired up with Olympic gold medalist Bradley Wiggins on a brand new range.

Atom Retro has a substantial collection of cycling jerseys selected to help you emulate that classic Mod look. Combining well with jeans or press trousers, a cycling jersey is a versatile garment which instantly elevares a casual retro 60s look. 

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