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Viyella Clothing



Viyella is a well established clothing brand steeped with Vintage heritage values.

The clothing brand is actually named from a fabric which was first woven in 1893 from a blend of wool and cotton. Viyella was the first branded fabric in the world and by 1907 they started making the fabric into clothing. As popular as this fabric was, the original wool/cotton blend is no longer on sale but Viyella still create high quality clothing and home furnishings made from a variety of fabrics.

Viyella 1940s

In 1942 Viyella started to manufacture clothing with a special 'Dayella' fabric for the war effort. This fabric ensured the clothing would last longer as it was more durable and hard wearing. The range was cited by then President of the Board of Trade as "the best utlity cloth in it's class and an outstanding examples of all a cloth should be in quality and proved service ability" . This was a crucial point in Viyella's timeline as these type of characteristics of the clothing are still important to this day.

In the 1960s Viyella grew into one of the biggest textile businesses in the UK, owning 40 factories across the country. Viyella gained a high profile in London and Paris and attracted interest from designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci which boosted the clothing brand's profile. The 60s were where they created their classic styles, that to this day are seen as timeless. Their printed check and tartan shirts are now brimming with Retro and Sixties styling! The 1960s is also where the clothing became popular within the Mod culture with their classic button down shirts, which the Mods were extremely fond of.

To this day Viyella is still thriving combining the luxury fabrics of their heritage with contemporary designs. Viyella's clothing is stylish and sophisicated featuring Vintage heritage styling values and Retro inspiration. Classic clothing styles such as merino wool jumpers, Mod button down long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. Fantastic clothing with a unique 60s Mod and Vintage style Retro twist!



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