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Baracuta G9 Jackets, Mod Harrington Jackets, Retro Varsity JacketBaracuta - the Original Harrington Jacket.  

Much copied but never bettered, the Baracuta G9 is the definitive, authentic Mod Harrington Jacket. The infamous Baracuta Harrington was relaunched in 2013 with the new collection including the Baracuta G9 (Now Baracuta Modern G9) and Baracuta G4 jackets and they never looked so good! The classic Mod jacket is made from premium fabrics and has an improved fit and look. If you're new to Baracuta, then welcome - you're in safe hands! If you're in search of a casual, retro mod jacket, then Baracuta is the best you can find. 

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Baracuta has been a favourite of Mod, Rock, Indie and Cinematic Icons past and present, including Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Pete Doherty, Razorlight, Frank Sinatra and The Clash. Baracuta and the Original Mod G9 Harrington Jacket can be traced back to 1930's Manchester, England. The Miller Brothers, John and Isaac, set out with a plan to improve their range of Baracuta raincoats (specifically intended as workwear at the time).

Manchester is notorious for its excessive rainfall, so a lightweight rainproof working jacket was high on the brother's agenda. With the design including collar button fastening, elastic wristbands and button fasten pockets nearly finished, the Miller Brothers took their idea to Beaufort Castle, Scotland. In the presence of Lord Lovat (Head of the Fraser Clan) The Millers requested that they may be granted permission and licence to use the famous red Fraser tartan for their new jacket design. With the agreement in place the Miller Brother's began manufacturing the famous Baracuta G9 Jacket, and also other Mod Jackets styles including the G10 and G4 Harrington Jackets.

Over the years the Baracuta G9 built up a reputation and in the 1950's silver screen icons helped to boost the Baracuta profile, famously worn by Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

By the Sixties the Baracuta G9 was an essential and a must have for Mods. With its intricate attention to detail and refined style, the Baracuta G9 was just the type of Jacket to appeal to the Sixties Mods. In 1966 Baracuta made specially tailored Raincoats for the England World Cup Football Team. The Seventies saw punks and Mod Revivalists adopt the Retro Baracuta G9 Harrington as their Jacket of choice. The Clash played Times Square in 1981 wearing personalised Baracuta G9 jackets, specially made by Baracuta. With the advent of nineties Britpop, the Baracuta G9 found a new home.... on the backs of countless Indie icons and 'New Mods'. With inspiration drawn from their Sixties predecessors, (Indie styling is often drawn and adapted from Sixties Mod fashion) the Baracuta G9 once again remained firmly in the spotlight. It has remained there ever since.

Baracuta have emerged as one of England's prestige brands with a reputation that has built up over decades and a reputation that will continue to grow.

In 2007 a range of limited edition Baracuta Jackets were made to celebrate Baracuta's 70th anniversary. The limited editions were in 3 designs - Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra - each one printed with a quote on the inner lining and boxed. They were strictly limited editions and are now very rare and collectable.

In 2010 Baracuta remade their original raincoat, as made for the 1966 World Cup team, to celebrate the 2010 World Cup. The G23 Ramsey Raincoat is a faithful reproduction of the 1966 Alf Ramsey Baracuta Raincoat.

Baracuta was back on the silver screen in 2015, when the Baracuta G9 was worn by Armie Hammer in Guy Ritchie's remake of 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.'


Barcuta: Worn By

The list of famous Baracuta wearers is endless! Most iconic and well known is Steve McQueen who wore the Baracuta G9 on the cover of Life magazine in 1963 and in the film 'The Thomas Crown Affair' in 1968. More Baracuta fans include Elvis Presley (who wore the G9 Jacket in 'King Creole' in 1958), Frank Sinatra (who wore the G9 Jacket in 'Assult On A Queen' in 1966), Golfer Arnold Palmer, Christopher Reeve wore a Natural G9 as Superman in the 1980 film and in more recent years Liam Gallagher, Thierry Henry, Johnny Borrell, Pete Doherty, Franz Ferdinand, Martin Freeman, Daniel Craig, Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon have all been seen sporting Baracuta Jackets of all styles.

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