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Madcap England Men's Retro & Mod Knits, Shirts, Suits, Shoes & TeesMadcap England specialises in mod and retro clothing. Founded in 2007 to bring back energy and colour to men's fashion, Madcap England draws on British heritage fashion from the 60s and 70s to create a unique range of mens knitted polos, jumpers, jackets, t-shirts and more. In the first ten years of Madcap England the collection has become famous for knitted button through polos, racing jumpers and mod boating blazers, as well as mod shirts in bright, retro patterns, 70s inspired designs and 60s paisley prints. Madcap England womens clothing followed shortly after the launch of the mens range in 2008, and Madcap added tailoring - mod suits and blazers in 2009.

Madcap England's footwear range arrived in 2010, famous for mens Cuban heel Chelsea Boots - the iconic Beatle Boots worn by almost everyone in the 1960s and now includes flat, mid and high Cuban heels, winklepicker and chisel toe boots in a variety of colours, suedes and leather. The Madcap England shoe range also includes bowling shoes, winklepicker jam shoes and more. Find it at Atom Retro here

Madcap is named after the Syd Barrett first solo album, 'Madcap Laughs' from 1970. Based in the UK, Madcap England was established in 2007, starting out with Racing Jumpers and knitted polo cardigans - something Madcap has become known for.

In 2017 Madcap celebrated 10 years of eclectic and unique men's clothing. Men's fashion always teeters on the edge of boring and dull, with shades of grey, navy and black being the only thing offered to men in the modern era. Madcap England's mission is to change that. Madcap England brings back the colour, life and energy of Men's fashion from the 1960s and 70s, and into the Britpop era. 

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