Bass Weejuns Loafers

Bass Weejuns: The Original Penny LoaferTHE ORIGINAL PENNY LOAFER

Bass Weejuns are famous for their Penny Loafers and Tassel Loafer Shoes. A staple Mod footwear style, GH Bass & co developed the world's first Penny Loafer in 1936, nicknamed the 'Weejun'. The Bass Weejun became a symbol of American casual style in the 1950s and very much an integral part of the American Ivy League look, adopted by British Mods and Modernists in the early 1960s.

For Autumn and Winter 2018, Bass Weejuns have introduced the Easy Weejun, available in the all the classic Bass Weejun loafer styles and colours. The Easy Weejun features a flexible rubber sole, better for winter weather and more durable against the elements in comparison to the leather soled styles, and also an innovative internal polyurethane footbed also provides better comfort and a light, cushioned step. The Bass Easy Weejun is available in the Larson Penny Loafer, Larkin Tassel Loafer and Layton Kilted Tassel loafer

Bass Weejun loafers are available at Atom Retro in leather or suede; choose from the classic colours, black, wine and tan. Bass Weejun loafer styles include:

  • Layton - the fringe tassel loafter 
  • Larson - the classic, Mod penny loafer 
  • Larkin - the clean cut, retro tassel loafter

Bass Weejuns began life in Maine, USA, with George Henry Bass founding the footwear company in 1876, designing and making a host of shoes styles including boat shoes, moccasins and chukka boots. In 1936 George Bass decided to put a stylish twist on a Norwegian farm shoe style, designed for 'loafing in the field', and taking inspiration from this, dubbed it the 'Weejun'. ThisBass Weejuns Loafers became the worlds first Penny Loafer.

Today Bass Weejuns shoes are still made in the same way as they were back then. Bench crafted and hand stitched, to create that essential, classic heritage loafer look. The Bass Weejuns loafer was the footwear of choice in the 1940s and 50s, when the Ivy League look came to the forefront, worn by many icons from John F Kennedy through to James Dean. In the Sixties when the Mod look came to the UK, Bass Weejuns loafers were picked up due to their Ivy League heritage, making them instantly an enduring Mod staple shoe. The clean cut, Americana look appealed to Mods and fashion fans alike.


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