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Ray-Ban Retro Sunglasses

Ray-Ban® produce the best range of Retro inspired sunglasses and eyewear. With styles that take in influences from Sixties Mod Culture, Thirties, Fourties and Fifties fashions and with many contemporary Indie interpretations on their own iconic styles. Ray-Ban® are pioneers in eyewear and with the most iconic ranges of sunglasses are world famous for the innovative and fashion forward designs - that all manage to incorporate functionality and purpose with undoubted Retro finesse. So to finish of your Indie, Mod and Retro Clothing ensemble in style, accessoriese with the most iconic sunglasses on the planet - Ray-Ban,® since 1937.

Ray-Ban® is the ultimate sunglasses brand. Iconic, steeped in tradition, built on style and functionality. Designed for the US Air Force as a mechanism for reducing glare at high altitudes, the original Ray-Ban® G-15 green lens and anti-glare sunglasses were a revolution in eyeware. The Ray-Ban® brand was registered in 1937, marking the beginning of a rich legacy in eyeware innovation. 1937 was also the year the original Ray-Ban® sunglasses became available to the general public. The metal frame and large lens construction are instantly recognisable and are one of the most enduring styles to this day. Nicknamed the Ray-Ban® Aviator, the style is iconic, much copied, but never bettered. Synonymous with not just the Air Force, but also with Hollywood culture and Music, Ray-Ban® Aviators are still a key style within the Ray-Ban® range.

Other classic styles followed the Aviator with the introduction of the Shooter and the Outdoorsman, designed for recreational activities and outdoor leisures. 1952 saw the introduction of a new style, another icon in style and another enduring classic, the famous Wayfarer. This time with a thick plastic frame, the Wayfarer added a touch of glamour and attitude to the collection and is another of the Ray-Ban® styles which has achieved many film and music videos appearances. Thanks to the likes of Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, John Lee Hooker and Bob Dylan, the Wayfarer has become an instantly recognisable style, recently picked up along with the Aviator by exponents of the modern Indie movement. Soon to follow was another celebrated style, the classic Caravan style. With a squared off lens, the Caravan was intended as an alternative to the hugely sucessful Ray-Ban® Aviators. Other iconic styles in the Ray-Ban® portfolio include the timeless Retro Clubmaster, with a neat browline feature and combintion frame. The famous RB3447 features a Retro rounded lens and is very much inspired by 1960's Mod culture and resembles the classic John Lennon style frame. You can buy Ray-Ban® Sunglasses online at Atom Retro with worldwide delivery.

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Ray-Ban New Round Retro Sunglasses RB3637 002/G1 in Black with Green-Blue Mirror Lens

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Ray-Ban Olympian Retro 70s Wrap Sunglasses Black

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Ray-Ban 1971 Square Sunglasses Retro 70s Silver Blue

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Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses Icons Sunglasses Gunmetal

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Ray-Ban Retro 60s Square Sunglasses Brown

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Ray-Ban Retro 60s Round Sunglasses in Full Colour Light Blue on Legend Gold

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Ray-Ban Retro 70s Vagabond Aviator Sunglasses in Havana and blue lens

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Ray-Ban Retro Mod 60s 70s Frank Sunglasses in Gold and Green

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