Sugarhill Brighton

Sugarhill Dresses, Jumpers, Women's Shirts & T-Shirts for Summer 2022SUGARHILL BRIGHTON

Sugarhill Brighton is a retro and vintage inspired womenswear collection designed in - unsurprisingly - Brighton, UK, famous for thier women's retro knitwear, vintage inspired dresses, cute tees and stylish shirts.

Sping and Summer Sugarhill Brighton is arriving now, with early Spring knits, tops and sweats. 

Founded in the early 2000s, Sugarhill Boutique specialises in vintage inspired dresses, tops and knits, often featuring their unqiue range of specially created vintage style prints and designs. With an emphasis on fun, Sugarhill Boutique create an easy to wear collection which is playful, feminine and unfussy with a quintessentially British feel. Each season the collection of retro dresses, tops, skirts and shirts blend classic vintage styles and current trends. The collection features pretty detailing and unique prints that you won't find anywhere else. 

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