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Mens Wrangler Jeans: Men's Retro 60s & 70s Denim, Jackets, Tees Men's Wrangler jeans, one of the most recognisable names in denim jeans, jackets and casualwear, celebrated their 75th birthday in 2022 and continue to define the 'frontier' look for many vintage denim affcionados. 

Wrangler Jeans are a name synonymous with authentic Denim wear. Wrangler Jeans first launched in 1947 in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. They are an every day performance denim brand and they believe that denim clothing should be designed to fit to every day life needs.

The origin of Wrangler Jeans comes from the need for the best denim clothing for cowboys in the USA. This included creating jeans, jackets and shirts to suit the needs of working cowboys - to address performance, hard wearing and comfort. They added special features to add functionality to create the best denim jeans for a more comfortable cowboy ride.

Wrangler 1970s

The functional designs still plays a big part in their clothing today, however they now have an updated twist to adapt to modern fashions and needs. Jeans are worn by millions of people every day and have become a big part of every day life. Wrangler are still committed to improving everyday functionality of their jeans and making a huge difference to those lives. 

In the early 1960's Wrangler launched in Europe and was soon adopted by the Mods. Due to the authentic Vintage denim, unique cut and sillouehette of the jeans they appealed to the Mods and their classic 60s styling.

By the 1970's Wrangler jeans became an icon of youth culture and were very popular with teenagers world wide. With it's classic Americana inspiration it soon became very popular within Ivy League styling. 

By 1996 one in five pairs of jeans sold in the USA was Wrangler and they are still thriving till this day.


Wrangler made a ground-breaking innovative platform called Denim Performance by understanding what is important about a pair of jeans in the 21st Century. They realised that jeans need to keep you warm in Winter, cool in Summer and stay dry. This was a crucial moving point for Wrangler and they created a collection of Denim Performance jeans for men. 

Over the years Wrangler has created so many different styles and designs. Wrangler doesn't just specialise in jeans they also design jackets, shirts, t-shirts and shoes. They design stylish Mens clothing with fab modern twists but also classic Retro styling traits. 

Wrangler have created several iconic Retro Western style clothing that still to this day people treasure.

The classic denim shirt has been re-made into so many shapes and styles but still has several classic Retro traits. Featuring traditional Western styling influences combined with classic authentic Vintage denim to create a stylish casual shirt.

The classic denim jacket has also been re-made into different shapes and styles but still keeps the traditional Western styling influences from the 1940s for American cowboys.

The classic denim jeans: 'Byrson' and 'Bostin' both created from authentic Vintage denim that is hard wearing, durable and comfortable. With Western styling from traditional 1940's American cowboy's and a modern twist for everyday fashion.

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