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FILA Vintage Womenswear includes Indie inspired, Retro chic designs with more than a hint of Seventies Vintage styling. Staying true to its sporting heritage the FILA Vintage Womens collection introduces an array of Retro Clothing that consists of traditional tennis styling with a contemporary and highly original tailored finish. Stunning fitted sporting blazers with a Retro jersey handle, delicious Polo Shirts with a flattering feminine construction and a selection of Retro dresses that wouldn't look awry in Sixties Mod photo shoot are all present in the FILA Vintage range. FILA Vintage Womens Clothing is a modern Indie classic - Retro Clothing that stays true to the FILA Vintage philosophy. Comfortable, stylish and eye catching - Original FILA Vintage Womens Clothing captures the essence of casual contemporary Womenswear, creating styles that are truly timeless and undeniably authentic. FILA Vintage Womens Clothing is most definitely one to watch.

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