Pepe Jeans for Men

Pepe Jeans Mens


Pepe Jeans for Men is one of the leading denim and casual wear brands. Pepe Jeans was first established in 1973 on Portobello Road area of London, as a small market stall. The three brothers that established Pepe Jeans opened the stall on weekends and sold them to fellow friends and family. After starting off so small, they soon transformed themselves into one of the fastest growing denim blabels in Europe.

In 1975 the number of market stalls grew to 4 which included Kensington market which housed other denim labels. The ever growing Pepe Jeans then had opened up a boutique on the iconic Kings Road, this was due to their fast growing pace. A boutique on Carnaby street soon followed and the expansion of warehouses and offices.

Pepe Jeans were thriving and to this day Pepe Jeans is now available in 80 countries across the world and is currently a leading player in the premium jeans sector. 

Not only do Pepe Jeans Mens sell great quality jeans, they sell casual clothes too. From Mod button down shirts to Indie tees, there is a ton of Pepe Jean styles that all feature a hint of Retro influences.


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