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SUPREMEBEING WOMENS CLOTHING was founded in the UK in 1999. SUPREME BEING can't be pinned to any particular fashion genre. With this in mind SUPREME BEING have set a precedent for designing and making Retro Clothing with strong influences from subcultures as Sixties Mods, Seventies Punks and Nineties Britpop Indie folk. SUPREME BEING embody a rich tradition and heritage inspired by Sixties Mod tailored designs, Retro Seventies patterns and old skool Indie styles, all with a modern and original agenda.

Indie Clothing masters, SUPREME BEING specialise in stand-out designs in Dresses, women's T-Shirts, womens tops, Jeans and more. Mod Clothing from the Sixties get's its fair share of attention, with Mod trenchcoats, Mod parkas, duffle coats and rain coats all possessing a distinguished Mod look, but with a Modern Indie twist added to the classic design.


SUPREME BEING'S humble beginnings can be pin pointed to a T-shirt design called 'The Maker' (circa 1999). This T-shirt carried the moniker 'SUPREME BEING' and so started the legend, a legend that grabbed the initiative of creating original Indie Clothing for the modern era. By 2003 SUPREME BEING released another hit, and their first real excursion into garment design - Track Top 2 revelled in Retro cool, with a Vintage Seventies funnel neck and Indie stripe design. SUPREME BEING is going from strength to strength with each new collection bringing something new, hip and happening to the fore.

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