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Dr Martens Boots for Women, Vegan Boots, Shoes, CreepersExpress your inner rebel with women's Dr Martens boots and shoes! A retro classic, Dr Martens (‘Docs’ or 'DMs' as they are also know) never go out of fashion. Whether you prefer the original 1460 Dr Martens boots or the lighter-weight 1461 shoe, we have loads of retro and seasonal Dr Martens women’s styles at Atom Retro.

Dr Martens was founded in Germany in 1947 by Dr Klaus Martens. Their popularity in the UK started in the 1960s. Mods, Skinheads and Indie followers have all adopted Dr Martens boots as their own. The 20th century has brought a resurgence in the popularity of Dr Martens footwear, especially among women. The Doc Martens women’s range has expanded with the addition of women's vegan Dr Martens and 1461 Dr Martens shoes in amazing colours and designs. Comfort is never an issue with the famous ‘AirWair’ air-cushioned soles, these bouncing soles are so durable, women keep their Dr Martens for years.

At Atom Retro you will find women’s Dr Martens boots and shoes in a great choice of colours and designs including metallic, patterned and vegan styles. The 8 eyelet 1460 is ever-popular, but you’ll also find brogue boots, dessert boots and Dr Martens women’s shoes at great prices. Choose from leather, suede, patent and vegan materials.

How to wear Dr Martens:

For an authentic Mod look, wear your 1460 Dr Martens boots with skinny jeans and a Fred Perry G3600 Polo Shirt.  Alternatively, get the rock chick look with Dr Martens boots, a Levi's® Trucker Jacket, mini skirt and ripped tights. For a more vintage look, team colourful Dr Martens boots with a flirty Hell Bunny dress.   

Checkout the Dr Martens women's sale. We also sell an extensive range of men’s Dr Martens.

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