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Sergio Tacchini track topsretro polo shirts and retro t-shirts will take you right back to the 1980s casuals era, because when it comes to old skool sportswear, Sergio Tacchini is legendary! The Sergio Tacchini Track Top has helped spark a revival in retro men’s sportswear. The Sergio Tacchini Track Top is firmly on-trend, boosted by the popularity of vintage Terrace Style and Football Fashions and the comeback of the retro track top. Sergio Tacchini is one of the forerunners and trendsetters of the 80s Casuals renaissance. 

Established in 1966 by Italian tennis champion and namesake for the brand, Sergio Tacchini, the brand has long been associated with style and innovation, bringing injections of colour to an otherwise all white uniform for tennis sportswear. Sergio Tacchini clothing then came to prominence in the 1970s and 80s via sponsoring the Italian team for the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, the 1983 Italian basketball team in the Europe Cup, and of course on the back of legendary tennis badboy, John McEnroe. 

As well as attracting attention for his prowess on court and of course his temperament, McEnroe also looked the part in his retro Sergio Tacchini Track Tops, Polo Shirts and Tennis Shorts. The iconic Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Jacket and the Young Line Polo Shirt utilised eye catching and bold colours and it wasn’t long before Sergio Tacchini broke big in to mainstream fashion, largely thanks to the 80s Casuals subculture and the rise of the now iconic football terrace fashions. Other tennis superstars sponsored by Sergio Tacchini included Martina Navratilova, and later, Novak Djokovic. 

Later in the same decade and into the 1990s, Sergio Tacchini moved into athleisure and lifestyle apparel. Footwear and accessories were added to the range for the first time also. Taking inspiration from the shapes, form and movement made by players on the tennis court, combined with an Italian sense of style and quality, Sergio Tacchini became popular on the fashion scene too, in particular football Terraces aesthetics popularised by the Casuals subculture in the 1980s. 

Nick Love’s 2009 film, The Firm immortalises the unbreakable connection between Sergio Tacchini and 80s Casuals style, The classic Tacchini Orion Track Top taking centre stage on the back of one of the main characters, Bex (played by Paul Anderson).

To quote renowned menswear designer, John Varvatos, ‘Style is timeless. It transcends generations – it’s enduring’, and that is one of the key attributes to Sergio Tacchini’s prolonged popularity and success. Sergio Tacchini Clothing features timeless designs that will never go out of style. Their retro inspired clothing collection is adaptable and accessible and perfect for the casual fashion connoisseur. There’s no compromising on the blend of supreme retro sports design, uniquely tailored with essential street style. Sergio Tacchini has been a mainstay of the Casuals and Retro fashionistas wardrobe for generations and their inimitable story continues…



What Sergio Tacchini styles did John McEnroe wear?

John McEnroe was sponsored by Sergio Tacchini in the 1980s. He wore many iconic Sergio Tacchini lines such as the Ghibli Track Top and Youngline Polo Shirt. He also wore the Fjord Track Jacket, the Dallas Track Top and the Blow Polo top. He was famously photographed with fellow tennis legend, Bjorn Borg wearing the Sergio Tacchini Ghibli Track Top at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1980. These retro styles are still in the Sergio Tacchini clothing range and remain popular items of casual sportswear to this very day.

Who is the founder of Sergio Tacchini ?

Italian tennis professional, Sergio Tacchini started the company (formerly known as Sandys) in 1966. The recognisable ST logo resembles a tennis ball and baseline. Sergio Tacchini set about creating a revolution in sportswear – he broke the strict rules of the tennis world by introducing colour into the previously all-white clothing. Sergio Tacchini subsequently diversified into skiing, golf and casualwear, designing sophisticated activewear in bold new colours. The Sergio Tacchini Track Top is now a stand out and easily recognisable garment.

Who wears Sergio Tacchini ?

The 80s saw big name tennis players such as John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors representing Sergio Tacchini. At this time Sergio Tacchini also became firmly associated with 80s Casuals culture and trend for 'terrace wear'. As British football fans travelled to matches in Europe, they adopted the fashion of the Italian sportswear brands including Sergio Tacchini and Ellesse, and took them back to the British football terraces. This was the era of the track suit, with the original Dallas track top by Sergio Tacchini becoming a retro classic. More recently Jay-Z partnered with Sergio Tacchini combining retro polo shirts with vintage blazers adding a 70s vintage dimension to contemporary urban style.

Is Sergio Tacchini still in style ?

The 80s revival and growth of streetwear kickstarted a surge in the popularity of Sergio Tacchini. Nick Lowe films, ‘The Business’, starring Danny Dyer and ‘The Firm’, brought Sergio Tacchini to a whole new audience. These days Sergio Tacchini men's track tops, t-shirts, polo tops and shorts are available in designs that are faithful to the originals. Wear them with track pants and retro trainers for an authentic 80s look. Alternatively layer a  Sergio Tacchini track top under a blazer, and wear with jeans and loafers for a modern twist on a retro sportswear look.

Is Sergio Tacchini true to size?

Sergio Tacchini as a European based brand so tends to run on the slim side. 

Where are Sergio Tacchini clothes made?

Sergio Tacchini's headquarters are located in Bellinzago Novarese close to Milan in Northern Italy. Like many modern fashion brands manufacturing is outsourced throughout the globe whilst design and brand devopment stategies are maintained at base.

Does Sergio Tacchini do Womenswear ?

Sergio Tacchini are relauncing a womens lifestyle offering for SS2023, with a great selection from this exiting new range to be available at Atom Retro. Expect the classic Tacchini fusion of contemporary steetwear style and retro sports aesthetic with a feminine twist. With vintage tennis inspired polo tops and dresses, classic tees and naturally the iconic track tops SS2023 definitely holds some exiting developments within the Sergio Tacchini line.

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