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Want the best Mod Fishtail Parka on the market? Look no further than Alpha Industries. Originally made for the US Army, the Alpha Industries Parka is supreme in quality and design - and there's a fantastic range to choose from! From the heavy weight winter parka through to a summer light parka, Alpha Industries parkas cannot be surpassed. In October 1959, Alpha Industries began making military clothing in the basement of a rented factory in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was a slow start as there wasn't a huge demand for miltary clothing at the time, but the US Defence Department could not ignore the outstanding quality of Alpha Industries clothing. Although Alpha made many different types of clothing, it was to be the MA-1 Flight Jacket and M-65 Field Jacket which they would first become famous for. These two styles were made almost exclusively by Alpha Industries. Due to the fantastic design and performance of the jackets, it was only a matter of time before it migrated into popular casuaAlpha Industries Parkal wear - the MA-1 Flight Jacket in particular was picked as a Mod fashion staple in the 70s, in the iconic sage green or black with bright orange linings - these classic jackets are still in the Alpha range today.

By the 1970s surplus Alpha Industries clothing was being sold by the Army and Navy stores in the US and word of mouth spread about the excellect quality and design the clothing offered. Alpha Industries clothing was valued over other surplus army and navy clothing as Alpha made it's commercial clothing with the same quality and materials as it made for the military. Because it was hard for Alpha's factory workers to distinguish between the commerical and miltary contract clothing, Alpha decided to add their now iconic three bars on the labels of the commercial clothing ranges. Although not intended by Alpha, the three bars logo became a visual trademark of Alpha Industries and customers quickly learnt to recognise it as representing superior quality, performance and comfort. The three bars is incorporated in Alpha's modern logos, so you too can recognise the genuine Alpha Industries product.

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