Walsh Trainers

Walsh Trainers


Walsh Trainers, hand made Athletic Shoes, Made In Bolton, England by Norman Walsh, since 1961. Norman Walsh started his career at JW Foster in 1945 at age 14. Mr Foster was the grandfather of Joe and Jeff Foster, who founded Reebok. Norman Walsh's talent was quicky recognised and he became responsible for looking after professional atheletic customers. At 16 years old, he was selected to make running shoes for the 1948 British Olympic team then in 1961 he established Norman Walsh Footwear and went on to develop an incredible diversity of sports footwear for rugby, football, track and field, wrestling, boxing and fell-running.

Walsh Trainers today are still hand made in Bolton, England as Britain's only wholly owned, designed and manufactured sports footwear. Walsh uniquely specialise in off-road footwear, designing and constructing running-shoes adapted to the particularly demanding conditions experienced by fell runners in the North of England. The technology developed and tested in this harsh environment has resulted in the industry's highest production values with all manufacture still undertaken by a highly skilled staff in their Bolton production facility.

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22 Products

walsh trainers attack suede trainers burgundy/white

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Walsh Trainers

Attack WALSH Made In England Suede Trainers Bu

£134.99 £85.00
Walsh Trainers

Fierce WALSH Made in England 70s Trainers (B/R)

£124.99 £80.00
Walsh Fierce Men's Retro 70s Running Trainers in White/Red/Blue

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Walsh Trainers

Fierce WALSH Made in England 70s Trainers (R/W/B)

£124.99 £80.00
Walsh Ensign Men's Retro 70s Made in England Running Trainers in Grey.

Hurry, Low Stock!

Walsh Trainers

Ensign WALSH Made in England Retro Trainers G/B/O

£124.99 £87.49
Walsh Fierce Made In England Retro Running Trainers in White/White

End of Line

Walsh Trainers

Fierce WALSH Made in England Running Trainers W/W

£124.99 £60.00
Walsh Trainers

Tokyo 20 WALSH Retro 1970s Sports Trainers Black

£164.99 £115.49
Walsh Trainers

Orienteer WALSH Retro Made in England Trainers WBC

£174.99 £122.49
Walsh Trainers

Challenger Hainsworth WALSH Made in England Boots

£179.99 £125.99
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