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Farah Menswear polos, shirts, trousers and tees for Spring/Summer 2023FARAH CLOTHING 

Founded in El paso, Texas in 1920 and revived by British Mods in the 1970s, Farah offers a range of retro clothing classics - Trousers, shirts, polos and t-shirts that blend American elements from their fashion archives, British mod style and present day trends and fabrications that put the environment first. 

Farah men's clothing combines both Farah heritage, Farah authenticity and of course traditional Farah style. Farah delves into the Farah archives and brings them right up to date - Perfect for the Indie Clothing connoisseur. Drawing influences from subcultures they share an affinity with, Farah blend elements from 1960s Mod Clothing, fashion from the Mod revival era, as well as the retro football casuals look of the 1980s. Farah provides retro inspired fashionl with a clean, sharp Mod look.

Farah really is Mens Clothing at it's best. 

Also available is an array of classic Farah Vintage Polo Shirts with Retro Mod inspiration. FARAH knitwear is luxurious and timeless and available in a host of styles including classic Mod crew and V-neck jumpers, Sleeveless Tank Tops and of course Retro cardigans. From plains to Retro striped/patterned colour ways, FARAH knitwear is the pinnacle of modern Indie fashion.

After studying shirt design and manufacturing at University in New York, Mansour Farah opened a small factory unit in a small shop in El paso, Texas.

Farah's FactoryThe FARAH factory began producing FARAH Mens Chambray Shirts for just 35 cents, before moving on to Farah Mens blue denim and khaki work pants and shirts in the 1930's. The 1940's saw a shift from solely civilian Mens clothing production to Military Clothing production including Mens fatigues, combat pants and Mens uniforms. The beginning of the 1950s saw a new challenge and after a restructuring of the FARAH company, the FARAH GOLD label emerged, and FARAH quickly established themselves as an exciting and stylish fashion orientated brand. After a period that saw FARAH Mens Clothing only produced and sold in the USA, the Viet Nam War, oil price rises and civil rights unrest prompted re-organisation and a new strategy was put in place. This culminated in the emergence of Farah into new markets.

One of FARAH'S biggest successes was of course in the UK, and the classic FARAH hopsack, frog mouth trousers became a Mod Clothing essential catapulting FARAH MENS TROUSERS into one of the best selling trousers in the UK. FARAH'S popularity with youth subculture would remain intact and Farah opened premises in Baron Street, London in 1971.

By the 1980's FARAH had the Mens Clothing market pretty much cracked and revealed plans to launch both a Womens Clothing range and a Soprts Wear line. Building on their affinity to both youth and working class culture, FARAH became popular and a must have item of clothing among the Eighties Casuals. Never far away from the terraces and music gigs, FARAH was still creating clothing history.

By the 1990's, the Britpop phenomenon had taken hold and Indie music in the UK was at an all time high. With bands such as Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Charlatans, Stone Roses and Supergrass promoting a fashion and style that was both new, exciting and fresh, the scene was set FARAH VINTAGE . With the Retro Clothing look and Mod style still going strong FARAH became accessible to a whole new generation - A generation of Indie Fashion connoisseurs. The Indie look and style has remained throughout the Nineties to today and whilst some Britpop and Indie bands have been and gone (all be it, remembered in history), FARAH VINTAGE has remained - its affinity to Music and Fashion undiminished and it's momentum steadily growing.

The FARAH CLOTHING range embraces Retro Clothing, Mod Clothing and of course Indie Clothing - but essentially FARAH embraces it's own path, it's own style and it's own Clothing - FARAH VINTAGE CLOTHING, Mens Clothing with Heritage, History and Authenticity.

Can you still get Farah Hopsack Trousers?

Farah still make their famous Hopsack Trousers. Crafted from classic Hopsack Fabric, the Farah Ladbroke Hopsack Trouser is the latest addition to the Farah hopsack trouser range. Farah Ladbroke Trousers feature a central pinch pleat to the front and a have a straight hem finish. Hopsack is the name of the weave, not the fabric and has been used in fashion for many years. Something of a wonder fabric, hopsack is lightweight and breathable with strength, durability and natural wrinkle resitance - all traits that mean Hopsack fabric is ideal for trousers!

Is Farah a British Brand?

Farah was founded in Texas in 1920, primarily manufacturing workwear. However, a resurgence of the brand in the UK in the 1970s popularised the brand with subcultures such as Mod Revival and Football Casuals. The Farah legacy continues to grow in the UK and means that more than fifty years down the line, Farah is often considered to be a British Heritage Brand. You might say Farah was Born in the U.S.A and Re-born in the UK.

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