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I tawt I taw a puddy tat... I did! I did! I taw a puddy tat in the new Irregular Choice x Looney Tunes collection! Full of retro nostalgia and Saturday morning cartoons, pick up your favourite Irregular Choice styles with Bugs Bunny, Tweety Pie and Sylvester, The Tazmanian Devil and more. Bags, shoes, accessories - all strictly limited editions! Highlights include Tweety Pie shoes with Tweety Pie swinging in the heel, The Looney Tunes shoes takes an Irregular Choice Nick of Time to new levels - and another version available in Ban Joe,  Speedy Gonzalez & Yosamite Sam Cowboy Boots, plus fabulous Looney Tunes bags, purses, and scarves! Th-th-th-that's all folks!!


The first Irregular Choice collaboration for 2022 has arrived! And we're happy to announce - I Choose You! Yes, Pokemon is the new limited edition collection, featuring shoes, boots, bags and accessories. Irregular Choice have really pulled out all the stops for this stunning collection with character heels, twinkly light shoes and bags, trainers and pumps and even a terrarium heel shoe! Just a few stand out styles - Jouney On Shoes with the glass box heels, Shock Walk boots, Pikachu Dreams and Hello Weekend bag are a mini-collection of Pikachu flashing lights, Pokemon Beach Day is an amazing Character Heel calf high boot and sister style, Pokemon Party is the shoe version. Guarenteed collectors items, you gotta catch them all! 

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Irregular Choice shoes and boots are as unique as you are! Each season at Atom Retro we stock Irregular Choice’s spectacular new range of colourful, extrovert women’s shoes including heels, flat shoes, boots and trainers with matching Irregular Choice bags and a wide range of accessories are also available. Free delivery and worldwide delivery are available on all Irregular Choice shoes and accessories (subject to minimum spend).

History Of Irregular Choice

Irregular Choice was created by designer, Dan Sullivan in 1999, who aimed shake up the women’s footwear market by creating unique shoes that would truly stand out from the crowd. Born in England and growing up in London in the 70s, Dan Sullivan opened his first shoe shop in Covent Garden at the age of 18. By the 90s Dan realised there was a demand for something different and individual in the footwear market, so he created Irregular Choice. His shoe and boot designs are inspired by vintage and retro styles, with a distinctive Irregular Choice twist, these shoes are daring, outspoken and bold, like the women who wear them.
These days Irregular Choice has grown into a cult footwear brand with loyal fans and collectors. Irregular Choice creates hundreds of different styles of shoes, boots, pumps and sandals every year, and no two styles are ever the same. From embellished heels, tiny intricate charms and lavish fabrics to the memorable colour combinations, everybody has a favourite Irregular Choice shoe. The Irregular Choice range of lavish fabrics, prints, sparkling trims and colours is simply never-ending so you’ll find something to suit every outfit and occasion. The huge range of Irregular Choice shoes and accessories here at Atom Retro, draws customers from around the world (free worldwide shipping is available, subject to minimum spend).

Irregular Choice Sale

Looking for a bargain? At Atom Retro our Irregular Choice Sale includes great sale prices on end of season and end of line styles including Irregular Choice heeled shoes, flats, boots, sandals and accessories. Checkout the Irregular Choice Sale now!

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