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Mademoiselle Yeye Mod Dresses, Retro Knits, Tops, Trousers for 2022MADEMOISELLE YÉYÉ

Mademoiselle Yéyé is a women's life style fashion brand with it's heart and soul firmly rooted in the 1960s. Named after 'YéYé' a genre of French pop music in the sixties, the name coming from the English exclamation "Yeah!" Mademoiselle Yéyé design unique dresses, tops, knits, skirts and jackets for retro loving girls and women, with an emphasis on mod and 60s vintage style. From Sixties mod mini dresses to pencil skirts and cute tops, Mademoiselle Yéyé is the only thing to be seen in!

With a heart full of soul... Oh la la...looks very YéYé!


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Mademoiselle Yeye

Stand Up MADEMOISELLE YEYE Retro Turtleneck Top

£34.99 £17.50
Mademoiselle Yeye

Pow! To The People MADEMOISELLE YEYE Maxi Dress

£79.99 £40.00
Mademoiselle Yeye

Cheerful Days MADEMOISELLE YEYE Houndstooth Jacket

£94.99 £66.49
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