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Merc Clothing; one of the UK's most famous and iconic Mod clothing brands established in the late sixties, revived in the 90s on the Britpop scene and still going strong today.

Established in 1967 as a humble market stall, Merc quickly expanded and opened a shop on London’s legendary Carnaby Street. With the likes of the Beatles and Rolling Stones taking the world by storm, Merc's range of shirts, polos, jackets and more encapsulated the look and style of the Sixties and became a fashion lynchpin of the Mod scene.

Today Merc combines a classic 60s mod look with their own 90s Britpop and indie heritage, and adds just a sprinkling of contemporary trends and fashions to bring you a broad lifestyle collection, because after all, Mod isn't just a fashion trend, a music scene or a pop-art look; it's a way of life. 


Every discerning fashionista and mod should have a range of Merc's classic mod clothing in their wardrobe. Here's a quick beginners guide to Merc must-haves!


Second only to the fishtail parka, the Harrington Jacket is the quintessential mod jacket. Originally developed as a short workman's rain jacket, the Harrington was adopted by mods of the sixties and seventies for it's Americana sports jacket look (despite being designed in Manchester, England!) and its clean and easy style. Merc's classic Harrington jacket is available in a range of staple and fashion colours, and Merc add new twists and updates to the style every season. Featuring a tartan lining, two button collar and button flap pockets, pick up this mod jacket in black, stone or navy and then add more colours and styles as the fancy takes you!


From a classic pique tipped polo through to knitted jaquards and mod 60s style striped knitted polos, Merc designs a new range of mod polos every season. The twin tipped polo is an instantly recognisable classic and a knitted polo is a smart, easy to wear style that continues through from spring to winter. 


Another mod staple, the gingham shirt was adopted by mods in the sixties and fermented it's place in mod fashion during the mod revival of the 1970s. A gingham shirt with a button down collar always looks sharp and cool paired with a Harrington jacket and a pair of smart stay pressed trousers. Classic colours are blood red, navy and black, but the sky is the limit as far as fashion colours in the Merc gingham shirt is concerned! 


A sixties mod classic which seems to be harder to find these days. Mods are always attracted to a sharp, clean cut style so when stay pressed trousers made their fashion debut in the 1960s, they were instantly taken up. The fabric is designed to remain crease and wrinkle free with wear (as much as possible!) and this mod fashion staple looks good paired with almost any sort of shirt or polo. Merc's Winston stay pressed trousers classic colours include navy, black, cream or sand and wine, and a nice pair of loafers finishes the look off nicely. 


Perhaps the most iconic style in a mod clothing range, the fishtail parka is certainly an essential. Originating from an army M51 and then M65 parka, the parka is available in a range of different looks and styles. Merc's classic fishtail parka, the Tobias Parka, is a new take on the army parka, featuring a fishtail reverse, drawsting waist, deep pockets and a standout tartan lining, setting this parka aside from the rest. Available in black, navy and always the classic parka colour - green.  

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