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Sugarhill women's jumpers, knits, t-shirts & dresses for Summer 2023There's something you need to know about Sugarhill Brighton...

And that is, wherever and whenever you wear your Sugarhill Brighton clothing, be it Sugarhill dresses, jumpsuits or one of thier famed jumpers or cardigans, you're going to be recognised. In the way that Mini car owners of the past used to beep at one another when they saw another Mini, you're going to get appreciative looks and nods. You're wearing Sugarhill. We see you. And that's because Sugarhill Brighton in a unique, British-designed independent fashion collection (with retro and vintage roots), and you won't find anywhere else.

The Spring and Summer 2024 Sugarhill see the Sugarhill Collection is for colour lovers! New prints, summer shapes and easy-to-wear jersey are the order of the day. Sugarhill summer bestsellers like the Brunswick and Maggie tees are back in new prints and designs, plus new tops including the Brook embroidered tunic top in two colours. Dresses make up the majority of the summer collection with hits from last year like the Flissy jersey dress back in new prints. Other highlights include Annette v-neck dress, Heather smock midi dress and Lilou mini dress - with a mixture of longer lengths and mini styles available in most of the best prints. Knitwear is always a central componant of the Sugarhill range and this season sees many new cotton knits arrive in the collection, including new style Binkie rainbow stripes jumper.

Sugarhill Brighton is a retro and vintage inspired women's fashion collection designed in - wait for it - Brighton! Previously known as Sugarhill Boutique, and just called Sugarhill affectionatly by thier fans, they are famous for thier women's retro knitwear, vintage inspired dresses, cute tees and on-trend tops

Founded in the early 2000s, Sugarhill Brighton specialises in vintage inspired clothing with a twist - classic styles and fits with retro and unique prints, designs and motifs. With an emphasis on fun, Sugarhill Brighton create an easy to wear collection which is playful, feminine and unfussy with a quintessentially British feel. Each season the collection of retro dresses, tops, skirts and shirts blend classic vintage styles and current trends. The collection features pretty detailing and unique prints that you won't find anywhere else. Support independent fashion brands and buy Sugarhill Brighton. 

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