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Fred Perry is a brand that evades definition - it simply cannot be pigeon-holed. Retro sportswear, heritage menswear, contemporary streetwear or a cult Mod brand? Fred Perry is all of these and more. With a range that includes iconic Fred Perry polo shirts as well as Fred Perry jackets, knitwear and even shoes, Atom Retro is the place to shop online for Fred Perry menswear. Our new season range includes the iconic Fred perry Polo in a varied assortment of colour and tipping. The Fred perry Polo Shirt is just the tip of the iceberg. Delve in to our extensive range of Fred Perry Clothing and pick out a piece of Fred Perry fashion that will see you through not just this season, but many seasons to come. Wear it in, wear it out and pass it down to a future generaation of Fred Perry fashion connoisseurs. Fred Perry is timeless with styles that are built to last.


Before becoming a tennis champion, Fred Perry hailed from the textile town of Stockport. Perry achieved international tennis success at an early age. After 3 Wimbledon wins, Perry became a global celebrity and one of the best dressed tennis players on the circuit. Perry took such a pride in his appearance that he went into business with Austrian, Tibby Wegner to invent his first garment, a sweatband. In 1952 he designed and wore his first Fred Perry polo shirt, known as the M3 which was only available in white. Wegner later came up with coloured versions which enabled the garment to gain popularity outside the tennis world. The follow-up was the legendary M12 tipped polo, the first Fred Perry shirt to feature the laurel wreath logo. The recognisable laurel wreath Fred Perry logo is adapted from Wimbledon’s All England Club logo.

In the 1960s Fred Perry clothing moved beyond sportwear. It was embraced by the British Mod and Ska subcultures, who regarded the brand as quintessentially British and aspirational. Mods wore their Fred Perry shirts with jeans, desert boots and a Harrington jacket. Fred Perry became the enduring uniform of the anti-establishment, worn by decades of Mods, rebels and musicians.

These days Fred Perry continues to defy the whims of fashion. The iconic Fred Perry look remains popular with both sports stars and musicians including Andy Murray, Bradley Wiggins and Miles Kane. The enduring popularity of Fred Perry has seen the range grow to include jackets, shirts, jumpers and trainers. The new season range is available now Atom Retro, order Fred Perry polo shirts, Harrington jackets, knitwear, accessories and more, all available with free worldwide delivery (subject to minimum spend).

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