Mod Clothing Brands

From Harrington jackets to polos, loafers to mod suits, here are the essential men's mod clothing brands you should have in your wardrobe. All the clothing brands in our range have been carefully chosen for their mod look and style, history and heritage, and their mod scene credentials encompassing the broad church which is mod fashion and all its subcultures. All these brands offer high quality clothing and footwear with that essential sharp and clear mod look, from premium, designer brands through to more affordable and budget conscious ranges. 


Alpha Industries started making military clothing for the US army in 1959. Although they made many different styles of clothing it was the MA-1 Bomber Jacket and the M-65 Fishtail Parka which they became famous for. Both of these items were almost exclusively made by Alpha Industries and due to the high quality and craftmanship in the garments, they quickly became popular with mods in the 60s and 70s. Fishtail parkas were ideal to wear while riding or working on scooters and the MA-1 bomber jackets were a popular look for mod revivalists in the 70s.  


Baracuta made the first Harrington Jacket in 1937. Originally designed a short work jacket, the Baracuta G9 jacket coined it's 'Harrington' nickname when it was worn by Rodney Harrington on US drama, Peyton Place (played by Ryan O'Neal). One of the most iconic mod jackets, the Baracuta Harrington has been frequently copied, but as all mods know, only the Baracuta G9 jacket is the original and best Harrington jacket. 


GH Bass & Co, an American footwear company, began making the Bass Weejun loafer in 1936 - a stylish twist in a Norwegian farm shoe designed for 'loafing in the field', the world's first penny loafer was born. Very popular on the 60s mod scene, Bass Weejun loafers are available as classic penny loafers, kilted and tassel loafers and also in a wide variety of seasonal fabrics and colours. 


Famous for the Ben Sherman button down shirt, Ben Sherman could also arguably be the world's most famous mod clothing brand. Starting in Brighton, England in 1963, as well as mod gingham and oxford shirts, Ben Sherman caters for all aspects of the mod wardrobe including parkas, Harrington jackets, polos, trousers, t-shirts and more. 


Clarks Originals Desert Boots and ShoesFounded in the UK in 1825, Clarks Shoes didn't start out making shoes at all - they made sheepskin rugs. After a few years, they started to use the offcuts from the rugs to make slippers and the rest, as they say, is history. Skipping forward a few decades and a few generations of the Clarks family, to 1950 and Nathan Clark - the great-grandson of James Clark, one of the company's founders. Nathan Clark designed the Desert Boots, Clarks' most iconic and world famous style, an unlined suede boot based on the boots worn by army officers in the Second World War. Desert Boots quickly became a favourite of Mods in the 1960s and endure as such to this day. Clarks Originals are available in both men's and women's styles.


The original Dr Marten's iconic 1460 boots were launched in the UK on the 1st of April, 1960 as an eight eyelet, cherry red leather ankle boot - named after the launch date and still make up the core of Dr Martens today. Originally popular as a work boot, Dr Martens boots became a mod fashion statement in thier own right in the late 60s and onwards. Dr Martens boots are available in both men's and women's styles. 


Founded in Texas, USA in 1920, Farah's hopsack trousers were an essential mod clothing item for mods in the 1960s, who loved thier clean cut and sharp look. Today Farah is a full mens fashion lifestyle brand with polos, knits and jackets definitly worth a look. 


Fred Perry's twin tipped polo shirt has become the quintessential mod polo and one of the world's most iconic menswear garments. The brand founded by and named after Wimbledon winner, British tennis player Fred Perry, has gone on to become synonymous with mods and mod culture. As well as the Fred Perry polo, Mods also love Fred Perry's knitwear, jackets, t-shirts and accessories, including the Fred Perry barrel bag. 


Founded in 1973, Gabicci came to the mod fashion forefront for their jersey polo and knitwear in the late 70s and 80s. Sharp retro looks, with clean lines and smart styles appealed to mods and are available in the Gabicci Vintage clothing range today.


John Smedley is one of the world's oldest clothing brands. Established in 1784 in Matlock, Derbyshire, John Smedley make the finest quality knitwear in the world - and all still in thier original Derbyshire mills. Mods from all corners of the globe have loved John Smedley's knitted polos, available in Sea Island Cotton or extrafine Merino wool, since the 1960s. The understated, classic John Smedley look still appeal to mods today. 


Lambretta was already a famous name on the mod scene for thier iconic scooters when the Lambretta Clothing range was launched in 1997. Now a firm favourite with mods and indie clothing fans alike, Lambretta's t-shirts, polos and jackets are great for mods looking for affordable mod style.


Levi's Jeans is another brand which doesn't need any introduction. This classic American denim brand was the essential jeans brand for mods in the 60s and so too today. The Levi's 501 is the most iconic style, but mods also wear the slim and skinny 501, 511 and 512 styles, as well as the 527 Levi's bootcut jeans at the other end of the fit spectrum. Levi's Jeans are available in both men's and women's styles. 


Established in Valencia, Spain in 1962, Lois Jeans became popular on the mod scene in the 70s and with mod casuals in the 1980s. Known for thier jeans, cord trousers, t-shirts and jackets - and an iconic bull logo.


Scottish knitwear brand, Lyle and Scott was founded in 1874 making high quality knitted jumpers, cardigans and more. As well as smart knitwear, mods love Lyle & Scott's polos, shirts and tees, especially with the new mod heritage inspired Lyle & Scott 80s Mod Casuals range.


Atom Retro's house brand, Madcap England was founded in 2007. Starting with a mod 60s style racing jumper in two colours and a Steve Mariott inspired knitted polo cardigan, Madcap England now caters for all facets of the mod wardrobe including shirts, polos, jackets, coats and footwear. Unique styles, Madcap England strives to offer something different to the mod fashion scene. Madcap England is available in both men's and women's styles.


Established on Carnaby Street, London in 1967, Merc has spent over 50 years in mod fashion. A full men's lifestyle brand, Merc are famous for thier stay pressed trousers, polos, jackets and shirts. 


American brand, Original Penguin was founded in 1955 as a leisurewear and golfing brand. The Original Penguin Earl polo, with its smart pique cotton fabric and piped collar and placket was a hit with mods in the 60s and 70s and ever popular today. 


Founded by Liam Gallagher in 2009, Pretty Green has become a big name on the mod fashion scene. Combining classic mod style with a musical influence, Pretty Green cover all mod clothing essentials from Harrington jackets and desert boots to polos and shirts, and of course, parkas. 


One of the most iconic names in sunglasses, Ray-Ban have a style of sunglasses to suit every taste. Mods love Ray-Ban's original Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses styles, plus shapes like Ray-Ban Caravan (popularised by Paul Weller), 60s style round sunglasses or Clubmasters offer something different.


Launched in 2016, Ska & Soul seek to bring the Ska, Rudeboy and Northern Soul look to the modern arena. Mod polos, shirts, knitwear and jackets all with a ska and modernist twist.


Tootal was first registered in the UK in 1799. Moving to the iconic Tootal Building in Manchester almost a centuary later, Tootal became reknowned for their unique Tootal fabrics and mods in the 60s and 70s loved their woven silk, rayon and wool Tootal Scarves, in paisley, polka dot and retro patterns. As well as the mod scarves still available today, Tootal also make shirts in high quality cotton and iconic Tootal designs. 


Trojan Records was launched in the summer of 1968, specialising in Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dub music. The clothing range came several years later, but the iconic Trojan helmet logo and the Ska mod look was immediately a hit on polos, shirts, knits and t-shirts alike.


With one foot in mod casuals fashion and one in the Britpop and Indie aesthetic, football terrace favourite, Weekend Offender is edgy, casual, sometimes contraversial but always sharp.