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TOOTAL was established in England in 1845, making it one of the oldest Clothing brands still around today. A favourite of the Mods in the Sixties and Seventies, Tootal Scarves have recently also become staple of the Indie Scene and a must-have Indie Clothing Accessory. Tootal Scarves are best known for paisley scarves and polka dot scarves, but also now make a wide range and variety o Tootal Scarf designs. Tootal Vintage scarves are the ultimate accessory for any retro clothing ensemble and a true icon of Mod culture.

The new Tootal Vintage collection comprises varied patterns that include the traditional Retro Sixties Paisley designs and the heritage Mod polkadot, but also some new unique modern styles that sit perfectly with todays discserning Indie fashion connoisseur.

Tootal was first registered in the UK in 1799 and nearly a century later in 1898, Tootal moved production to the famous Tootal Building in Manchester's Oxford Street. Specially built to house Tootal, the impressive looking building served as Tootal HQ for many years. As well as the famous and iconic Tootal Scarves, Tootal also produced a collection of menswear and manufactured it's own iconic fabrics via the Tootal Fabrics Company (the UK office of which is based in Stockport, just outside of Manchester). The popularity of Tootal Scarves with the Sixties Mod movement earned Tootal a place in fashion folklore - Tootal is a legend which will live forever and Tootal Scarves will always be a fixture of popular Indie fashion. Tootal, like many British companies of the time, helped the war effort by manufacturing clothing for the armed forces.

Indeed, the Tootal Scarf itself became a popular Fashion Accessory in the World War 2 era, often associated with an 'RAF' style and look. In the Sixties Tootal Scarves became a fashion phenomenon when Mod Scooter Boys took up the Retro Scarves, with Mods seeking out Vintage Tootal Scarves manufactured in the the Fourties and Fifties. Tootal Scarves later found popularity again in the Nineties Indie and Britpop era, worn by Mod and Indie Icons such as Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher. Traditionally made in Paisley or Polkadot designs, in silk and later Rayon, Tootal Scarves are now available at Atom Retro in both traditional Sixties styles or in contemporary, updated Indie designs. The Scarves were also originally produced in a 2-ply style with either 2 designs (a 'styled' side and a plain side) or two fabrics, with a silk side for show and a wool side for warmth. You can buy Tootal Vintage Scarves at Atom Retro - the ultimate Mod accessory - The TOOTAL Scarf.

The Latest Tootal Scarves Collection features not only the Authentic Tootal Silk Scarf, but also an Authentic Tootal Rayon Scarf Too. Tootal Rayon Scarves come with the Authentic Tootal Tebilized woven label, that points to the finishing process used in making the fabric, a treatment that prevents shrinkage and creasing. Rayon fabric has many similar properties to cotton and can be made to resemble silk.

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Latest Tootal Scarves Collection

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Tootal Angular Paisley Rayon Scarf in Lemon TB9210 158

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Tootal Scarves

Tootal Angular Paisley Fringed Rayon Scarf Lemon

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Tootal Scarves

Tootal Retro Mod Wheel Design Silk Scarf Lime

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Tootal Scarves

Tootal Retro Dogtooth and Paisley Silk Scarf

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Tootal Scarves

Tootal Retro 60s Geo Print Mod Silk Scarf Cream

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