Men's Winklepicker Shoes

Nothing says sharp like a pair of Winklepickers, the sharper the toe the better! These dapper men’s shoes are not for guys who want to blend in - Winklepicker shoes are truly an expression of style and flamboyance. Winklepickers are ironically named because the sharply pointed toes would be ideal for removing winkles from their shells! Originating in the rock n roll era of the 1950s, Winklepicker shoes really gained popularity with the early Mods of the 60s. Soon after The Beatles started wearing Chelsea boot winklepickers, sales of men’s winklepickers went into overdrive. The unconventional style of Winklepickers has meant that they’ve been worn by rock stars and non-conformists ever since.

Here at Atom Retro you’ll find Winklepickers shoes in an array of styles and colours from Mod brands including Madcap England. Our retro Winklepicker shoes are packed with Mod style features and are available in leather or velvet. The authentic Mod two-tone Winklepicker shoes were made famous by Paul Weller of The Jam – you can buy your own two-tone black and white Winklepickers here at Atom Retro. We also have Winklepicker shoes in bold colours and retro 60s inspired paisley print.

We also stock a huge range of winklepicker-style Chelsea boots. You can buy our Winklepickers with free worldwide delivery (subject to minimum spend).

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