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The New Baracuta : Guide to Baracuta Jackets

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The Baracuta G9

The Baracuta G9 Original Harrington Jacket - much copied, but never bettered, and now better than ever.

With improved fabrics, fits and styles, you've never owned a better Harrington Jacket. The Baracuta G9 was the first Mod Harrington Jacket. Designed and made in Manchester, England in 1937, it was first utilised as a work wear jacket - a short rain jacket with an elasticated waist and cuff and button up collar. During the 1960s it was adopted as the jacket of choice for Mods and Scooter boys, and it's never lost it's place in the Mod wardrobe.

The Baracuta is the best, premium quality Harrington Jacket available, with all Baracuta G9 original jackets being still made in England. The Baracuta G9 Original is made with premium quality water repellent poly/cotton outer fabric and Coolmax cotton/poly in the iconic red Fraser Tartan, exclusive to Baracuta jackets. Zip fasten, with classic double button collar, 2 flap pockets and unique 'Umbrella' pointed vented reverse. Baracuta is the first and last word in Harrington Jackets. 



Baracuta G9 Original

The Baracuta G9 Jacket

  • The Original Harrington Jacket

  • Made in England

  • 2 Button Collar 

  • Red Fraser Tartan Lining in poly-cotton Coolmax fabric

  • Water repellant poly-cotton outer shell

  • 2 button flap pockets

  • Elasticated waistband and cuff

  • Zip fasten


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The Baracuta G4 Original:

Brother to the classic Baracuta G9 Jacket, is the Baracuta G4 jacket. An adaptation of the G9 Jacket, originally designed for golfing, this Retro sports jacket shares some of the classic G9 specs - the 2 button Harrington collar, the iconic red Fraster Tartan Lining and the 'Umberella' point reverse vent, but differs with an open welt waist with buckles at either side to cinch in for fit if required, and also open welt, button fasten cuff to match.


Baracuta G4 Original

The Baracuta G4 Jacket

  • The Original Harrington Jacket

  • Made in England

  • 2 Button Collar 

  • Red Fraser Tartan Lining in poly-cotton Coolmax fabric

  • Water repellant poly-cotton outer shell

  • 2 button flap pockets

  • Open welt waist with side buckle adjusters

  • Open welt button fasten cuff

  • Zip fasten


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Find Your Baracuta Size:

Baracuta Jacket sizes are based on the UK (34-50) sizing system. The Baracuta G9 Original and Baracuta G4 Original jackets are a slim, trim fit. The G4, due to it's open welt waist is slightly a more forgiving fit than the G9 jacket. If you're unsure about your chest size, we recommend you measure yourself before buying. If you're in between sizes, or you want a more roomy, easy fit we recommend you size up in the Baracuta G9 and G4 Jacket. If you purchased an old style Baracuta Jacket (before 2013, and confusingly called Baracuta Slim Fit) then the new Baracuta G9 Original is slimmer than these old style jackets.

If you have any questions regarding sizing and fit, please don't hesitate to contact us for help.


Sizing, provided by Baracuta:

Baracuta Sizing


Baracuta Size Conversion, provided by Baracuta: 

Baracuta International Size Conversion


Baracuta Womens Jacket Size Conversion, provided by Baracuta:

Baracuta Womens Sizes

Season Highlights:

Baracuta Short Trench Coat

The Baracuta G5 Short Trench Coat

  • An adapted version of the Baracuta G4 Harrington Jacket, into a longer classic Trench style

  • 2 Button Collar 

  • Red Fraser Tartan Lining in poly-cotton Coolmax fabric

  • Water repellant poly-cotton outer shell

  • 2 button flap pockets

  • Side buckle adjusters

  • Zip fasten with cover over placket

  • Strap detail to cuff

  • Available in Tan (Pictured) and Black. 


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Baracuta G9 in Micro Dogtooth

The Baracuta Micro Dogtooth G9

  • A new seasonal twist on the classic Baracuta G9 Original Jacket

  • Micro check dogtooth pattern in McQueens Stone grey. 

  • Double zip fasten 

  • 2 button Harrington collar

  • 2 button flap pockets

  • Grey tonal check tartan lining

  • Umbrella point vented back 


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Baracuta's History: The Original Harrington Jacket.

Baracuta: Britain's Best Rainwear"The next evening it was a warm, pattering, incessant rain – just rain to waken up the flowers. But in Manchester, where alas! there are no flowers, the rain had only a disheartening and gloomy effect; the streets were wet and dirty, the drippings from the houses were wet and dirty, and the people were wet and dirty."

- 'Mary Barton' by Elizabeth Gaskell

If there is one thing which is constant in Manchester, England - it's the rain. In a city where it rains more often than it doesn't, Rainwear was big business in the early 20th centuary. Brothers, John and Isaac Miller ran the Baracuta factory, making rainwear for brands such as Burberry and Aquascutum. When they branched out into their own brand, Baracuta soon became synonymous with the finest Raincoats. 

By 1937, the Miller Brothers were looking for a new, functional design for a working man, and which would also keep them dry in the rain. They came up with what would eventually become the Baracuta G9. This shorter jacket meant the wearer would have the benefit of a shower proof coat while he was still able to move around, unhampered by a longer raincoat or mac. With the design including collar button fastening, elastic waistband and cuffs and button fasten pockets nearly finished, the Miller Brothers took their idea to Beaufort Castle, Scotland. In the presence of Lord Lovat, the head of the Fraser Clan, the Miller brothers requested that they be granted permission and licence to use the famous red Fraser tartan in the lining for the new Baracuta Jacket. With the agreement in place, the Miller Brother's began manufacturing the Baracuta Jacket in the classic G9 style, as well as other variations including the G4 and G10 Harrington Jackets.

Baracuta US AdvertOver the years the Baracuta G9 built up a reputation. In the 1950's Baracuta G9 Jackets were being exported to the US as 'Sports Coats' for the early Mods looking for that Ivy League look. In 1958 Elvis Presley wore the Baracuta G9 in the flim, 'King Creole' propelling the jacket to the forefront of fashion. Other fifties and sixties icons picked the Baracuta G9 as thier jacket of choice - Frank Sinatra, Arnold Palmer, Gregory Peck, and perhaps most famously, The King of Cool - Steve McQueen, who made the Natural coloured Baracuta G9 an integral part of his 'look'.

By the 1960's the G9 jacket was a must have for the Mods. With its intricate attention to detail and refined style, the Baracuta G9 was just the type of jacket to appeal to the Mod movement. It was also in the sixties that John Simons (owner of sixties mod clothing store, 'The Ivy Shop') coined the name 'Harrington' for the Baracuta Jacket, after US TV soap, 'Peyton Place'. One of the shows characters, 'Rodney Harrington', played by Ryan O'Neil, would often wear the Baracuta G9 jacket. The name caught on and has stuck ever since.

It wasn't only Mods who loved the Baracuta G9 Jacket. The Seventies saw punks and Mod revivalists adopt the Baracuta Harrington as their jacket of choice. The Clash played Times Square in 1981 wearing personalised Baracuta G9's (specially made by Baracuta). With the advent of nineties Britpop and Indie, the Baracuta G9 found a new home.... on the backs of countless indie icons. With inspiration drawn from their sixties predecessors, the Baracuta G9 was once again firmly in the spotlight. The list of stars to highlight the Baracuta as a must have item of indie clothing includes Johnny Borrell (Razorlight), Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Liam Gallagher (Oasis), Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Pete Doherty, Ollie Murs, Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, Thierry Henry and many more.

In 2013 the Baracuta was relaunched as a premium Jacket - designed for the Mod connoisseur, for whom only the best will do! New brand owners, WP Lavori have improved the fit  of the jacket, making it a slimmer and more fitted flattering shape, and put the Baracuta G9 in to new and imporoved fabrics. This is an exciting time for the Baracuta range, which is set to grow and expand with new, premium styles. The Baracuta G9 Original retains all it's iconic design aspects - not least the famous Fraser Tartan and 5-point 'Umbrella' reverse vent, while the new G9 Garment Dyed offers a slightly different slant on the classic G9, with Sixties Mod influenced Union Jack pop to the collar, sewn down 5-point reverse and new tonal tartan linings.



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