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A slight departure from the traditional BARACUTA Mens G9 sees the classic Made in England G9 Harrington specifically tailored for women. A carefully designed fitted contour and shape make the Womens BARACUTA G9 Harrington Jacket an instant classic. All the traditional BARACUTA G9 specifications are here, with the traditional G9 Harrington pockets, BARACUTA Fraser Tartan lining, umbrella vent to reverse, double zip fasten and double button collar. BARACUTA specialises in traditional heritage outer wear, specific to their roots, and the Miller Brothers iconic BARACUTA G9 design is a piece of fashion design history, and still a true classic today. Retro Clothing lovers and followers of Indie chic, not to mention Mod culture enthusiasts will love this jacket - It's a true first, the iconic Made in England BARACUTA G9 Harrington for the time available in Womens sizes. Available in classic colours and with the typical Mod BARACUTA G9 features intact, this is true iconic Harrington Jacket and a true legend. BARACUTA's famed G9 Harrington Jacket was first designed in 1937 by the Miller Brothers. A Retro & Mod icon that has truly lasted the test of time, the BARACUTA G9 Jacket will never go out of style. The BARACUTA Womens G9 Harrington Jacket is available in very limited numbers and as such is highly sought after and elusive. The Made in England G9 Womens BARACUTA Harrington is the very epitome of Indie couture. You can buy the BARACUTA Womens G9 Harrington Jacket online at Atom Retro Womenswear.

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