6 Best Winter Coats & Jackets for Men 2018

Posted: 15/10/2018 @ 09:51AM

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A mod wardrobe staple, the Fishtail Parka has a firm place in mainstream fashion for 2018 too thanks to the on trend look offered by menswear brands such as Pretty Green and Lyle & Scott. It also makes a fantastic winter coat, suitable for almost any weather or eventuality. First developed by the US army in 1950, the fishtail parka was designed to combat extreme cold weather conditions. Mods in the 1960s adopted the parka as their own because of the availabilty of army surplus, the relative cheapness of the coat and the practicality - the long coat protected smarter clothes such as tailored mod suits from the elements and from dirt and grease which may transfer when riding scooters. 

Key Brands: 

- Pretty Green
- Lambretta
- Lyle & Scott

Several elements mark the Fishtail Parka out from the rest. A hood (sometimes detachable) with a (faux) fur trim, drawstrings to the waist either on the inside or outside of the jacket, optional padded or quilted linings, large pockets and occasionally hand warmer pockets positioned higher on the chest, and of course the thing which gives the parka it's name - the fishtail. The fishtail refers to the shape and extension of the hem of the reverse of the jacket. It's usually possible to button up or fold up the fishtail inside the jacket to aid movement, or it's worn down for added warmth and wind protection - and simply because it looks good! 

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Pretty Green Fishtail Parka Lambretta Mod Fishtail Parka Lyle & Scott Microfleece Parka
Pretty Green Fishtail Parka
Lambretta Fishtail Parka

Lyle & Scott Microfleece Parka


Definitely a winter essential in the UK, the Cagoule is a lightweight, hooded jacket which is waterproof or water resistant and designed as a light rain jacket. The traditional cagoule is an overhead style, waist length and sometimes 'packable' - coming with a pocket or pouch that the jacket can be folded away into when it's not needed and meaning its easy and practical to carry around with you. The roots of the cagoule are in the 1960s, when ex-Royal Marine, Noel Bibby patented a cagoule style jacket which could be rolled up into a very compact package and carried in a bag or pocket. The famous French cagoule brand, K-Way was also launched in 1965. 

Key Brands: 

- K-Way
- Ellesse

As practical today as it was in the sixties, the cagoule is a light, easy to carry item of outwear which is just perfect for unexpected rainy weather. Fantastic to see you through from Autumn and into next spring, the cagoule is right on trend for this season too with a relaunch of classic cagoule rainwear from K-Way. Recent time have seen the cagoule become an essential on the festival and live music scene too, with it's lightweight and packable nature meaning it is the ideal jacket for catching your favourite band outdoors, whatever the weather. 

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K-Way Leon Cagoule Ellesse Mont Cagoule K-Way Claude Cagoule Jacket
K-Way Leon Cagoule
Ellesse Mont Overhead Cagoule

K-Way Claude Cagoule Jacket


The Puffer jacket (sometimes spelled as Puffa Jacket) is a 1990s staple which is one of the hottest trends for autumn and winter 2018. This quilted and padded jacket is great as a shorter length (waist length) jacket for colder weather, offering maximum warmth and cosiness to the wearer! Traditional puffer jackets are oversized, with large stiched padded panels. 2018 versions, you'll be glad to hear, offer a more slimmed down silhouette compared to their 90s counterparts - so no Michelin Man looks here! 

Key Brands: 

- Kappa
- Lyle & Scott
- Fila Vintage

Combining a retro sports look with the 90s puffer jacket is key for this season and traditional old school sports brands are all over this. Fila Vintage, Kappa and Ellesse all combine the 90s retro puffer jacket trend with a 1970s ski jacket look to offer you something which is stylish, retro and standout. Also in the range is Lyle & Scott's more classic looking lightweight padded puffer jacket. Sure to be a hit on the football terraces this season. 

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Fila Vintage Puffa Jacket Lyle & Scott Lightweight Puffer Jacket Kappa Amarit Puffer Jacket
Fila Vintage Neo Puffa Jacket
Lyle & Scott Puffer Jacket

Kappa Amarit Puffer Jacket


Overcoats come in a variety of shapes and styles and are a winter wardrobe must-have for any man. Overcoats are a traditional winter coat, longer in style and designed to be worn over other types of clothing to offer the wearer warmth and protection from the winter weather. Variations on the overcoat include top coats - usually a shorter length style of overcoat reaching mid thigh to knee length, and dress coats - a tailored look, usually in lighter construction fabrics designed for smart occasions. 

Key Brands: 

- Pretty Green
- Gibson London

Overcoats can be as personal as your own style, with a wide variety of styles, fashions and functions on offer. Gibson London is famous for thier dress coat overcoat styles, like the Winnie coat for Winter 2018. Designed to match the Gibson London range of tailored blazers and suits, the dress coats are perfect for formal events or special occasions. Pretty Green never disappoint with thier range of winter coats either, and this season the Pretty Green and Beatles collaboration offer some very special retro overcoats, inspired by late 1960s styles worn by George Harrison (the red military styled double breasted overcoat, similar to one George Harrison wore in 1967/68) and John Lennon (the shaggy faux fur overcoat which is iconic of John Lennon's look in Winter 1968 and 69).  

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Pretty Green x The Beatles George Harrison Coat Gibson London Winnie Dress Coat Pretty Green x The Beatles John Lennon Overcoat
Pretty Green x The Beatles Coat
Gibson London Dress Coat

Pretty Green x The Beatles Coat


The Duffle Coat, like a lot of it's outerwear counterparts, has it's roots in military design. The coat is characterised by heavy, thick, often woollen fabric, toggel fastening and an integrated hood. Named after Duffel, a town in Belguim where the fabric originated, the coat was adopted by the Royal Navy in the 1890s where it was referred to as a 'convoy coat'. A camel coloured duffle coat was issued by the navy in World War 1 as it's staple, warm coat, designed to withstand harsh elements at sea. The coat was slightly modified and widely issued for World War 2, worn famously by Field Marshall Montgomery, earning the Duffle coat another nickname - the Monty. 

Key Brands: 

- Gloverall

Following the end of the second world war, gloves and overalls wholesalers, Gloverall, were offered a large amount of military surplus duffle coats. The coats were offered on sale to the general public through camping and leisurewear shops and sold out extremely quickly. Refining and modifying the military Duffle coat, Gloverall started selling their own version - a classic coat which is still in the range today. 

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Gloverall Mid Length Duffle Coat Gloverall Dark Brown Duffle Coat Gloverall Mid Monty Duffle Coat
Gloverall Mid Length Duffle
Gloverall Checkback Duffle

Gloverall Mid Monty Duffle


Certainly a winter essential, the raincoat is a longer length coat, which is either waterproof or water resistant. The mac (or mackintosh) is a variation of this, typically made from bonded and/or rubberised fabric. Raincoats are typically mid thigh to knee length, a substantial coat which is designed to keep the wearer dry and warm in inclement weather. Raincoats can vary from traditional macs through to trench coats, parkas, anoraks or cagoules. 

Key Brands: 

- Baracuta
- K-Way
- Pretty Green

Baracuta, world famous for the G9 Harrington Jacket, was originally a rainwear manufacturer, so their G10 raincoat is hard to beat. Premium quality, the Baracuta raincoat has a lightweight, water resistant cotton blend outer with coolmax technology - designed to keep you cool and dry. Alternative styles are also offered by K-Way, a longer Trench Coat version of their traditional cagoule, and Pretty Green, who have a cleaver concealed hood mac coat in the range for Winter 2018. 

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Baracuta G10 Raincoat K-Way Long Trench Coat Pretty Green Concealed Hood Mac
Baracuta G10 Raincoat
K-Way Hooded Trench Coat

Pretty Green Mac

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