Brand Focus: Pantherella

Posted: 24/05/2023 @ 15:41PM

Pantherella, the finest English Socks:

We love brands with heritage and Pantherella certainly fits that bill. Established in 1937 as Midland Hoisery Mills before changing name to Pantherella in 1945, the brand prided itself on pioneering new techniques and technology in their pursuit of the perfect socks - The Finest English Socks!

Louis Goldschmidt was the mastermind behind Pantherella. He was resolute in his beliefs that fine gauge socks were the future. He persuaded local machine makers P.A. Bentley to produce a machine that was capable of fulfilling his dream of creating lightweight, seamless and fancy socks.

Since 1940, Pantherella's factory has been located on Hallaton Street in Leicester, although in the early 1960s they moved to a larger premises on the other side of the street from their original and smaller factory.

Even though modern machinery plays it's part in the production process, each and every pair of socks is hand finished by the artisans at Pantherella to exacting standards. The original Pantherella philosophy of Provenance, Design and Quality still rings true today.

The skills utilised in the Pantherella Sock manufacturing process take years to perfect.

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