Cuban Collar Shirts

Posted: 19/05/2023 @ 08:40AM

Cuban Collar Shirts

Though Cuban collar shirts became popular in the United States in the 1900s, their origins can be traced back to the 18th century in South America, where they served as a sort of uniform for working-class men. It's unknown how this shirt style made its way to American shores (though we're sure tourism played a role prior to the 1960s), but Cuban collars swept men's fashion by storm in the 1950s, swiftly becoming one of the decade's wardrobe classics. Quickly it became the shirt of choice for everyone from surburban teens to the King of Rock'n'Roll Elvis Presley.

So what is a Cuban Shirt?

The traditional Cuban collar shirt has a notch lapel-like open collar, short sleeves, and a straight, boxy hem. It features a more refined silhouette than classic bowling shirts and  Hawaiian shirts. The current version has a more fitting body cut and tapering sleeves.

What are alternative names for a Cuban Collar Shirt?

You will variously see Cuban styled shirts frequently refered to a Revere Collar Shirts or Camp Collar Shirts which feature the same distinctive collar and boxy silhouette. The Cuban shirt is also similar to more modern takes on the Bowling Shirt and Hawaiian or Aloha Shirt.

How to wear a Cuban Collar Shirt.

A Cuban collar shirt is a versatile piece, styling well on it's own, over a plain white tee or under a blazer for an evening out. Looks great with the sleeves rolled up for an authentic 50s style. The rule is basically just not with a tie, it kind of defeats the whole point of this timeless style.

Cuban Shirts available at Atom Retro.

Atom Retro has a great selection of Cuban Collar Shirts available for the '23 summer season, which range from bold prints to more subtlly styled items. The Pretty Green x Elvis Presley collection is a great place to start for a bright and bold 50s inspired look with the Dandelion Shirt, whilst Farah also go for a 50s inspired design with their Laguna Revere Floral Shirt which utilises a vintage floral motif against a rich indigo background.

If florals aren't your thing perhaps you might want to check out these alternative Cuban Collar Shirts courtesy of Lyle & Scott and Levi's®. That 50s theme continues with Lyle & Scott opting for a twist on a classic ginham look with their Gingham Revere Collar Shirt whilst Levi's® pursue a contempory take on a vintage plaid design with this version of their iconic Sunset Camp Shirt.

Finally if you want an unfussy style to layer under a blazer on an evening out then how about a simple block colour shirt from Fila Vintage or French Connection. The Fila Soren Shirt goes for a classic crisp white colourway whilst with their Plain Revere Shirt French Connection go for an ever versatile dark navy. So there is no excuse not to chill out and relax this summer in a Cuban Collar Shirt.