Pod Originals

Posted: 06/11/2023 @ 10:45AM

Established in 1976 Pod pushes the boundaries of what a British shoe should be, achieving a balance between historical tradition and forward-thinking contemporary designs. Drawing its name from the acronym “Product Of Desire”, the original Pod shoe was designed in response to the popular platform shoes and flares fad of the early 1970s, creating instead a more flattering, casual shoe that could be worn with straight-fitting jeans. Designed in England and manufactured in Portugal since the brands launch, the brand continues to evolve and innovate whilst maintaining the core Pod Original style.

Key components of that classic Pod Originals look include the crepe sole, stitchdown construction, the Jubilee flag and the iconic Mr. Pod fob.

The crepe sole has been in use since 1976 providing both comfort and a distinctive and unique look and is attached to the main body of the shoe with the assistance of the equally iconic double row of stitching, which provides a bold and secure finish.

The red, white and blue woven Jubilee tab has appeared on Pod Originals since 1977, originally from overcuts of fabric from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, it has remained a feature of every pair since.

The iconic Mr Pod brand mascot was created at the brands inception in 1976, the friendly alien began life as a sketch before being transformed into stamped fob we all recognise today, which accompanies every pair as a symbol of authenticity. For a period in the mid 70s Mr Pod even materialised into comic form with his very own comic strip.

Pod Originals Jagger Quilted Shoes.

The brands most iconic design is the Jagger which also traces its origins back to 1976. Instantly recognisable thanks to its quilted upper crafted in premium leather, two eyelet fastening and natural rope lace fastening, the Jagger has become a footwear icon. Naturally completed with the iconic Pod Original touches, the Jagger is one 70s style that refuses to go out of fashion.

Pod Original Gallagher Shoes.

Another star of the original 1976 Pod line up was the Gallagher, which is again still going strong to this day. The Gallagher maintains that iconic Pod Original silhouette but features a perforated vamp, and is naturally signed off with the iconic Pod brand detailing including the heel logo and Mr Pod swing tab.
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