Pretty Green x Elvis

Posted: 04/05/2023 @ 11:53AM

Elvis Presley changed the course of music, culture and fashion in the 1950s. He was a rock and roll symbol of teenage rebellion and as John Lennon later said, 'Before Elvis, there was nothing'.

The Pretty Green x Elvis Collection showcases retro shirts, polos and tees inspired by the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. A fab range of retro Hawaiian shirts, Ivy Leage polo shirts and graphic tees that embrace the Kings rebellious fashion and pay homage to classic American surf style


Elvis Presley and Blue Hawaii Style.

Blue Hawaii (1961) was the first of three Elvis Presley films shot in Hawaii. Elvis plays Chadwick "Chad" Gates, who recently released from the army, heads back to Hawaii and his beloved surfboard. It is the vintage Americana surf style from the film that serves as the inspiration for this Pretty Green x Elvis collection. Drawing on silhouettes and patterns from a definitive moment in Elvis Presley's legendary career, the tropical prints and bold colours represent a fresh summery collection, perfectly in tune with the Hawaiian feel good vibes of the movie.

The Aloha Shirts, or Hawaiian shirts in the collection are a homage to those Elvis wore in the film, staying true to the silhouettes that servicemen on the Island of Hawaii would wear. Relaxed camp collars, vibrant colours and leafy prints are all showcased in the Pretty Green x Elvis collection. The shirts in the collection draw influences from traditional Tiki shirt styling. South Pacific influences and the rise of 'Tiki Culture' gave prominence to the Aloha shirt in Americana fashions and the style is now of course embraced and adored by many the world over.

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