Sergio Tacchini & the 1990s Britpop era.

Posted: 01/02/2023 @ 14:57PM

1994 was a great year for music. It was the year two albums of epic greatness,  Oasis’s Definitely Maybe and Blur’s Parklife were released, helping to establish and define an era and add unstoppable momentum to the Britpop music scene … oh and hand in hand in with this came the fashion.

Set against the backdrop of Walthamstow Dog Track (you all remember the album cover with the greyhounds on the front), let's take a trip back in time to Blur’s Parklife launch party, an event that took place on the 15th April, 1994. 

Damon Albarn was photographed wearing a McEnroe-esque Sergio Tacchini Track Top, a style similar to silhouettes in the Sergio Tacchino Young Line Archivo range and the classic Sergio Tacchini Damarindo Track Jacket.

You can find images of Damon Albarn with pint in hand at the Walthamstow Track (photograph by Brian Rasic), as well as photos from music photographer, Ilpo Musto… a series of iconic images that somehow morphed the dawn of the Britpop era with that of the Football Casuals subculture. This was a blend that had been brewing since 1990’s World Cup with a soundtrack of New Order and World in Motion and the image of Gazza in tears. 

Fast forward four years and Britpop is about to get in to full swing. The retro track top emerges from the sports field to take centre stage where 90s indie anthems captivate a whole generation of people, many of whom have gone on to embrace the songs and embrace the clothing of a truly great era in British music and fashion to this very day.

From Maine Road to Stamford Bridge via Walthamstow Dog Track, Britpop walked the walk in the coolest of clothes and talked the talked the talk with coolest of music….

… and it wasn’t about the joggers who went round and round…

It was about zipping up the funnel neck and swaggering round and round instead!

Sergio Tacchini formed a big part of the aesthetic of the Britpop generation, rich in retro sports heritage and rich in indie street style, the track tops becoming synonymous with the era. Vintage 70s sports style bought to life in a new and unique way… all the time maintaining that essential retro look.

Some of the iconic styles have trailblazed their way from the Casuals and Britpop eras and remain as relevant today as they ever were Sergio Tacchini Archivo Collection showcases many of these timeless silhouettes and much, much more besides!

Sergio Tacchini Damarindo Retro 90s Britpop Tracksuit