The Argyle Pattern from Highlands to High Street.

Posted: 26/06/2024 @ 08:44AM

Boasting a rich history, the iconic Argyle pattern originates in 17th Century Argyll, Western Scotland emerging from the tartan of Clan Campbell, a prominent Highland clan which ruled the district. The design became prominent in patterned socks, or “tartan hose” and was recognisable by the diamonds or lozenges which make up the design often joined by an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds.


Gaining prominence in the 20th Century through its association with the Duke of Windsor and golfing attire the Argyle design was popularised by Pringles of Scotland, moving beyond the golf course with the Argyle cashmere jumpers becoming increasingly popular on both sides of the Atlantic during the 1930s.

Classic Argyle V-neck sweaters became popular component of Ivy League and 1950s preppy style in the U.S., providing a perfect bridge look between smart-casual and country club style. As with many of the looks from 50s America, the Argyle design was reappropriated by 60s Mods, and given a new street style adorning knitted polo shirts.

The Argyle remains an enduring symbol of British knitwear heritage, and whether worn on the golf course, down the country club or on a Mod weekender, its readily identified design continues to collect new fans each and every generation. The traditional diamond design regularly inspires new lines from contemporary fashion brands, adding some instant vintage class to any garment.

    Madcap England Benmore Mock Turtleneck Jumper.

Madcap England utilise the design to stunning effect on both the Blane Knitted T-shirt and Benmore Turtleneck Jumper, both brand new for 2024. Both are named appropriately to further pay tribute to Scottish heritage, tradition and fashion and both feature a vintage style Argyle diamond pattern in a retro textured jacquard knit to the front panel. Available in two colourways, the Blane and Benmore will ensure that you can retain that classic Scottish style throughout the seasons. 

Madcap England Blane Knitted T-shirt.