The Getaway: Our Top 5 City Breaks (and What To Pack!)

Posted: 09/05/2018 @ 15:18PM

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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the country's largest city. As beautiful as Paris and steeped in history, Prague is also surprisingly easy to walk around and most of the main tourist attractions can be accessed on foot. Prague has a vibrant night life and is often attributed as having the best beer in Europe, but there's plenty of cultural experiences on offer and sights to see as well. Take in the Astronomical Clock and sights in the Old Town Square, wander over the Charles Bridge (go early in the day to avoid the crowds!) and make sure you visit the John Lennon Wall on the other side of the bridge - an impromptu tribute to the city's favourite Beatle which is refreshed with new graffiti artwork regularly and often has buskers and musicians playing Beatles and Lennon music. 

What to pack: 

K-Way Claude Jacket Gola Bullet Suede Trainers Eastpak The One Mini Bag
Light Jacket Comfy Shoes  Crossbody Mini Bag
Cooler evenings and the occasional rain shower means a light rain jacket is advisable. The K-Way Claude hooded jacket is shower resistant, light and it's pack-a-mac feature (the jacket packs away into a pocket) means it's no trouble to carry around with you. You might find you'll do a lot of walking in Prague so a pair of comfortable shoes is a must. Gola Bullet Suede trainers are light, comfy and designed for wear! Available in a range of colours and both mens and womens styles. A mini bag which you can wear across your body is ideal while sightseeing. Keep maps, money, wallets, phones and tour books (small ones!) at hand and be safe from pickpockets at the same time!
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Photo: Venice by pedrosz – Under Creative Commons license


Venice should certainly be on your bucket list for places to visit! A completely unique city to visit, as well as an (notoriously expensive) gondola ride, take in some of Venice's fantastic art galleries, gothic architecture and make sure you sample that world famous Italian Ice Cream. Other things to consider is a visit to one of Ernest Hemingway's favourite watering holes, Harry's Bar to sip a Bellini cocktail - invented there sometime between 1934 and 1948 (when you're drinking cocktails, you don't take notice of the date!) - but be warned, it's not cheap! Or take a boat trip around the Venitian Islands and check out the Murano glass factory. The main tourist spots can be expensive, but if you book tours and tickets to places you want to visit in advance you can save money and beat the crowds (and the queues!) Cheaper places to eat and drink can be found only short distances away from St Mark's Square and other tourist attractions. 

What to pack: 

Ben Sherman Riley Archive Shirt Emily and Fin Frederica Dress Ray-Bay New Wayfarer Sunglasses
Short Sleeve Shirts Retro Summer Dresses Stylish Sunglasses
Venice is hot and sunny in the summer, so you'll want to pack light, breathable clothing. Bear in mind when you're sightseeing churches (including the impressive Saint Mark's Basilica) require a dress code - no sleevless garments, no shorts and shoulders and knees should be covered. The Ben Sherman Riley Archive shirt is ideal.  You'll need a sundress or two to take to Venice with you, but as with the guys, bear in mind that a lot of places have a dress code in place requiring shoulders to be covered and skirts to be below the knee. Emily and Fin's Frederica dress is perfect - below the knee skirt, lightweight and with an apt cocktail print to boot! A pair of sunglasses is a must! And this is Italy so they have to be stylish! Ray-Ban's New Wayfarer in this cool and sophisticated black and ice two tone design. 
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Photo: Brandenberg Gate - Berlin by pasa – Under Creative Commons license


Berlin has a lot to offer for a weekend getaway. Lots of historical landmarks to take in, fantastic shopping and a vibrant nightlife too. During the day visit historical landmarks like the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall and by night visit one of Berlin's many fantastic restaurants, cocktail bars and nightclubs (which cater to whatever your musical taste!) Visits to some of Berlin's museums and art galleries come highly recommended.

What to pack: 

Levi's Trucker Jacket Palladium Boots Levi's 511 Chinos
Denim Jacket Summer Walking Boots Retro Chinos
Day to night casual clothing is ideal to take to Berlin as there's so much to fit into your time there, you might need to adapt. A denim jacket like the classic Levi's Trucker jacket is perfect for sightseeing, shopping or bar hopping.  You can do a lot of walking in Berlin, so a pair of comfy - but light walking boots are in order. Palladium's canvas boots are ideal - robust, comfy and light enough for summer wear. Mens and womens styles are available in a range of colours.  Comfy and with a smart-casual look, Levi's 511 chinos are a fab alternative to denim jeans. The slim silhouette of the Levi's 511 is flattering and easy to wear. 
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Photo: Poland (Krakow) Cloth Hall by guldem – Under Creative Commons license


Legend says the Polish city of Krakow was founded on the defeat of dragon and this magical background is evident in all of Krakow's beautiful architecture and scenery. Another historical city, Krakow has a fantastic music and cultural nightlife with classical to jazz and blues to more contempoary club scenes catered for. Must see attractions include Wawel Castle, Schindlers Factory, and if you have the nerve for it, a visit to the Auschwitz museum and memorial (about an hour and half away by car) is something which will stay with you forever. 

What to pack: 

Mademoiselle Yeye Raincoat Fila Clipper Anorak Jacket Levi's 501 Jeans
Retro Raincoat Shower Resistant Windbreaker Levi's 501 Jeans
Rain showers aren't unusual in Krakow, even in the summer, so you will need a light jacket to take with you while sightseeing or walking. Mademoiselle Yeye's 60s style women's raincoat in a gorgeous retro yellow will brighten up any rainy day! Likewise for the guys, you'll want a light, rain resistant jacket like Fila Vintage's Clipper Windbreaker. This retro 70s style jacket is ideal for summer showers, with toggle hood, mesh lining and elasticated waist and cuff.  A pair of casual but comfy jeans are a must while sightseeing and you can't go wrong with Levi's 501. The world's most famous pair of denim jeans available in many colours and denim washes. 
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Photo: Beatles statue at the Liverpool Pierhead by Tracy Vickers – Under Creative Commons license


You don't have to go far for a fab weekend city break (assuming you live in the UK!) Liverpool is a city which lives and breaths music and culture, with a vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping and a wealth of museums, art galleries and things to do. The Cavern Club and Magical Mystery Tour are musts for Beatles fans, but there's also the Museum of Liverpool, the Walker Gallery, the twin Cathedrals, Liverpool One, Football Stadium tours, ghost tours and a lot more. And don't forget to take a Ferry 'Cross The Mersey!

What to pack: 

Pretty Green Bucket Hat Pretty Green Beatles Flares Madcap England Casbah Beatle Boots
Bucket Hat Sgt Pepper Flares Beatle Boots!
You can't rely on the weather in the UK, so a festival inspired Bucket Hat is ideal for both sunny and rainy weather. Pretty Green's Katie Eary paisley bucket hat fits the scene perfectly.  Taking a Beatles T-Shirt or shirt to Liverpool is a bit like taking coal to Newcastle, (and you'll probably come back with an armful of Beatles souvenirs!) But these flares suit the Beatle theme perfectly - not as flares as some of our Bellbottoms, these jeans are ideal for touristy things or relaxing.   You need some killer boots to strut down Mathew Street in (home of the Cavern Club!) and Beatle Boots are the order of the day. These peacock boots by Madcap England in black velvet will make you stand out from the crowd. (Try to avoid the rain though!)
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