Tootal Style since 1799

Posted: 26/05/2023 @ 09:33AM


One of Englands oldest brands is the iconic scarf specialists Tootal. Founded in Manchester in 1799 by textile merchant Robert Gardner, the Tootal family entered the firm in 1842 and registered the name Tootal Broadhurst Lee Co Ltd in 1888. The Tootal brand has been recognised for their distinctive paisley and polka-dot scarves, which have added individuality to a variety of styles throughout the years.

 The Tootal scarf has lasted the test of time, rising to popularity in the 1920s and being synonymous with the 'RAF' appearance of the era, which itself led to the Tootal scarf being embraced by the Mods in the 1960's.  Tootal scarves resurfaced in the 1980s as part of the new romantic movement, and were revitalised once again with the advent of Brit Pop at the turn of the millennium. A must have accessory into the 2020s Tootal continue to raid their pattern archives to produce classic scarves with a vintage feel and nod to bygone eras.


The Tootal scarf, with its gorgeous patterns and high-quality silk fabrics, is an unmistakably expressive piece that can create an instant style statement. Whether combined with a retro 60s velvet blazer, tailored chinos, vintage brogues, or a printed tee paired with relaxed jeans and chukka boots - the silk scarf accessory is sure to create a dashing impression.

 Naturally Tootal also became an iconic name within neck ties. That same combination of quality fabrics and exemplary styling ensured the brand was once again embraced by the smartest of 60s Mods. The 'skinny tie' has become a design icon in its own right, embraced by Mod, 70s New Wave and through to contemporary alternative acts, with Tootal once again a go to brand.


Into 2023 for the Spring and Summer season Tootal introduce a new line of short sleeve shirts, available at Atom Retro, which demonstrate once again the brands ability to reimagine and recreate vintage fashion. Combining check or tartan designs in a variety of colourways, with classic Mod tailoring details Tootal produce the perfect item to elevate your summer wardrobe. In a slim fit, with a three finger roll button down collar, a classic chest spade pocket, a full length sewn in box pleat and locker loop to the back and v-insert detailing to the short sleeves, the traditional techniques ensuring a timeless look.


This continuing ability to recreate vintage styles for a contemporary consumer in the key to Tootal's ongoing success as a brand turned to by the discerning fashion conscious customer. Classic cool is timeless, has Tootal have demonstrated for the past 200 years, so it's safe to assume that the brand and it's classic lines will be still be around catering to future Mods and hipsters in 200 years time.