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BUKTA is the Worlds oldest sportswear brand. Established in 1879 by Edward Buck, BUKTA is a Clothing brand that has provided garments for the Military, for the Scout movement, for countless football and sports teams, as well as manufacturing camping equipment. With a vast heritage and tradition BUKTA are perfectly poised to create Retro Clothing classics with that essential Indie touch.

BUKTA Vintage was born out of a desire to recreate and bring iconic Bukta styles and designs bang up to date for the discerning Indie Clothing fan. Incorporating designs from the Fifties, Sixties Mod, Seventies and beyond, BUKTA Vintage is preparing to take sports Heritage Clothing to the next level. Endeavouring to re-ignite the BUKTA brand and bring Retro Clothing gems, Indie couture and even a cool Sports boutique feel to those who appreciate the Bukta legend. BUKTA Womens takes inspiration from it's vast sports related archive, using a fab colour palette and sumptuous style and fit to create Indie and Retro Clothing that is stand out and stunning.

With a casual sports feel throughout the Bukta Clothing range, you'll simply love the look and feel that the Worlds oldest Sportswear brand can bring. Be a part of the BUKTA Indie renaissance and remember BUKTA is best!

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