Chenaski Shirts

Chenaski Shirts


Chenaski delve into the Psychedelic Sixties with a plethora of vibrant Paisley and Floral patterns shining through. This combined with abstract, Pop Art and Op Art Sixties Mod designs make Chenaski the must have Retro Shirt for any occasion. Paying homage to Vintage Seventies nostalgia and Sixties Mod styling, Chenaski shirts are a Retro Clothing essential.

Conjuring up a unique style with stand out flair and an eye for authentic Dandy Mod Clothing, it's the, Chenaski Shirt that maketh the man. Picture the UFO Club, The Marquee, The 100 Club, The Cavern, CBGB's, Studio 54 and more recently the Hacienda and you can easily see a Chenaski Shirt lighting up the dancefloor with pure Retro style.

Whether finishing off a contemporary Indie ensemble or going for the classic Psychedelic Sixties Mod look, the famous Chenaski Shirt is a portrait of Retro cool. Carnaby Street styling with an array of Vintage Sixties and Seventies inspired collars.

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