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Delicious Junction

Delicious Junction

DELICIOUS JUNCTION is a new and exciting Mod Footwear brand, launched in the UK in 2010. Delicious Junction Shoes specialise in classic Retro and Mod inspired shoes and boots, drawing inspiration from styles from the Sixties, Seventies and beyond.

The Delicious Junction Chelsea Boots range is exclusive to Atom Retro. Styles in this range include the classic Beatle Chelsea Boots, Ziggy zip fasten chelsea boots and Vicious double zip Chelsea Boots. In addition to this, we have added the new Up Beat brogue Chelsea Boots, Easybeat Basket Weave Chelsea Boots and Freakbeat Corded Suede Chelsea Boots for this season and the Harrison Low Chelsea Boot is proving to be a best seller too.

But it's not all about the Chelsea Boot! We also stock exclusives - Marquee Cuban Heel Loafer Shoes, new styles Hipster 70s Stacked Heel Buckle Shoes and Parachute Square toe Chelsea Boots (oh, another Chelsea Boot sneaked in there!)

Simon TownshendIn addition to the Atom Retro exclusive Delicious Junction range, you'll also want to check out the Delicious Junction Tassel Loafer range (word has it a certain Mr Weller was seen sporting a pair recently!) which includes classic Tassle Loafers and more extrovert styles (the faux Snakeskin is not to be missed!) Also, the extensive range of Delicious Junction Bowling Shoes have set the Mod world talking - especially when Simon Townshend (you know, Pete's brother) was seen wearing a pair of Union Jack Tommy Bowling Shoes on stage with The Who at the Olympics ceremony for London 2012!

Recent collaborations with authors, Terry Rawlings and Paolo Hewitt are also Delicious Junction Limited Editions which should not be missed!


<< Simon Townshend poses with his Delicious Junction Tommy Shoes.

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