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Dunlop Green Flash

The Dunlop Green Flash Trainers is and enduring and authentic Retro Trainer. The tradional Dunlop Green Flash moves on this season in new colours in the classic Green Flash design, plus new colours in the Dunlop Green Flash 1987 Trainers (1987 being the only year Dunlop Green Flash deviated from its classic design). Plus, don't miss the Dunlop Flash Lo's - already popular - this is your classic Dunlop Green Flash on a thinner and contemporary sole unit with a low profile. Also, for you casuals out there, the Dunlop Volley Shoe - a truly Retro design, developed originally in 1939.

In 1886 John Boyd Dunlop invented and patented the first commercially viable pneumatic tyre. The technology behind the tyre was the discovery of how to bond canvas to rubber and it was this which enabled the world famous DUNLOP GREEN FLASH TRAINERS. For over 50 years DUNLOP GREEN FLASH was the standard Tennis Shoe, and then in Sixties and Seventies it began to cross over into casual fashion, to become the Retro Icon the DUNLOP GREEN FLASH is today! Get a pair of tyres for your feet!

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