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DUNLOP RETRO Clothing is the latest re-incarnation from the classic British Heritage brand, DUNLOP. With a superb collection of Retro Polo Shirts, Indie Track Tops, traditional Mod Jumpers and awesome Retro T-Shirts. DUNLOP RETRO Clothing combines authentic pieces from the archives as well as new takes on Retro classics from the vaults. Sports heritage plays a key role within the range, but there is also some stylish Mod Clothing influences with Sixties nostalgia and Seventies Vintage themes also showing through. Attention to detail, colours and the finest fabrics bring the garments together, DUNLOP RETRO is exactly what its name suggests, at great prices too.

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A spralling and eclectic mix of expertise saw Dunlop achive huge success in a series of diverse markets, most notably rubber tyres and of course the iconic Dunlop Greenflash Trainers as worn by Fred Perry. When John Boyd Dunlop patented the pneumatic tyre in 1888, the scene was set for Dunlop to become one of the most notable success stories in UK manufacturing history. Dunlop tyres dominatied the racing circuits for years and the Greenflash trainers since it's intoduction in 1929 have achieved cult status and are widely acknowldged as an iconic footwear masterpiece. The Greenflash Trainer was preceded by the introduction of the Dunlop Wellington Boots which coincided with the acquisition of the Liverpool Rubber Co. in 1925. The acquistion of the Liverpool Rubber company would allow Dunlop to broaden their hold on alternative rubber applications. Prior to this, DUNLOP had also acquired the Charles Mackintosh Group in 1925 to facilitate a move into clothing production. The move into sports footwear and clothing production would provide DUNLOP with a whole new business arm. Going on to make sports equipment to sit alongside it's clothing and footwear offer, DUNLOP created a legacy of sports innovation and style that still lives on today.

DUNLOP RETRO Clothing is the next generation of DUNLOP expertise, a phenonomen that will capture the spirit of DUNLOP heritage and create a new chapter in the history of one of the World's most recognisable brands.

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